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School Dress Code Essay

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On the first day of class, Professor Michael asked us to write about our opinions on school uniforms. The question that was asked to the class was, “should public schools require students to wear uniforms?” The class listened as each person read their opinion and commented on the subject matter. On our first assignment, Professor Michael provided two articles that relate to the discussion, “Uniforms accord importance to scholarly pursuits” by Joanne McHugh and “They promote rigid conformity over independent thought” by Anndee Hochman from the The Philadelphia Inquirer.
According to Joanne McHugh, student uniforms are beneficial. She expressed that kids dress more for leisure activities ...view middle of the document...

Each author was very fair, reliable, knowledgeable, and authoritative on the subject of uniforms in the schools. They both presented their experiences and examples to support their viewpoints. Joanne McHugh expressed why kids should wear uniforms in school and how it helped her as an individual growing up. She knew how to dress for any occasion, such as business events, social events, an amusement park, and/or the unnoticeable socioeconomic differences (Par 8) amongst the students. The author Anndee Hochman expressed why kids shouldn’t wear uniforms in the schools because it can affect their learning. She felt the comfort of being able to wear their clothes boosted their learning opportunities. Although the articles had different viewpoints, there were a couple of points on which they agreed: it is less expensive for the families, the dresses are uncomfortable, and uniforms and no uniforms can interfere with learning opportunities. However, Hochman brought in the research from Henry David Thoreau as supportive documentation to caution against “any enterprise that required new clothes.” (Par 10) Schools should have uniform policies because they ensure true equality in schools, save families money, and help students dress appropriately.
Although I agree with Joanne McHugh's perspective that uniforms do not interfere with learning opportunities, I can relate to Anndee Hochman's...

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