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People are obsessed with the interrelation between different demeanors. Weather it be art and literature, matching shoes and shirts, or between men and women. We live in a society full of irreverent and dysfunctional relationships. In-fact, we were lucky enough to live during the time of The Break-up Heard 'Round the World, other wise known as when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up. The reason why the masses of literate minds are sucked into this timeless display of courtship is because they themselves have experienced similar relationships and knowing that they are not alone in the miserably bleak world of despair in the vain quest for love and acceptance. The many degrees of ...view middle of the document...

"Here, thou incestuous, murderous, damned Dane,/ Drink off this option. Is thy union here?/ Follow my mother." (Hamlet 5,2) This was said after his duel with Leartes, after he knew he was going to die. He makes Claudius drink from the poisoned cup his mother drank from. One of the last things he does is ensure that his vengeance is complete. Hamlet was not the only one who's relationship with his close acquaintances were altered by revenge, Leartes also plans revenge for his fathers death. "I'll touch my point/With this contagion, that if I gall him slightly,/It may be death." (Leartes 4,7) He suggests dipping the sword he is going to duel Hamlet with in poison so that if he is scratched with it, he will die. Claudius's ambition is driven by his greed, and he kills his own brother because of it. The death of the King sets off a catalyst in the dramatic change in relationships. People have ambitions of their own, and some of them might involve climbing to the top of their career or doing things they believe are the right things to do. All people can relate to their craving to obtain what they want from life.
     Throughout Hamlet the question going through my head is: Where is the love at? People are not only driven for material reasons and vengeance, but also for love. It is basic human nature to want to be loved. Love is the epitome of a relationship, and when that love can not be let loose it changes a person. In Hamlet love is used as a guise to get into power, it is used as a shield for craziness, and it is used as fuel for animosity. Hamlet and Ophelia's love was a taboo throughout the whole play. Her father, Polonius, constantly forbade her to be with Hamlet. "I would not in plain terms from this time forth/Have you no slander any moment leisure/ As to give words or talk with the Lord Hamlet." (Polonius 1,3) Polonius was very protective of his daughter, and gave advice to her many times concerning Hamlet, and ultimately had her used by Claudius as a tool to get inside Hamlet's head. Frailty thy name is woman... I wonder who said...

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