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School Opportunities Essay

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topic and prepare a written summary. Academic Journals & their Articles Using the Skyline database located on the Auraria Library homepage, find a scholarly source or scholarly journal article on your topic. YOU MUST USE A SCHOLARLY SOURCE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. NO EXCEPTIONS. Assignment Specifics: your task is to summarize the article you have chosen. Your summary should include at least two quotations from the article using MLA in-text citations, and you should create a Works Cited page for the source. Make sure the web-link for your source is included with your work for your instructor to view. Helpful Tip: Some of these articles may be long, so you may want to save the article to a disk, a flash drive, or to the desktop of your computer. You can also e-mail yourself the web-link for the article. If you are using a longer article, make sure you print the sections that you use to complete the assignment, as you may need them for later reference ...view middle of the document...

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BACKGROUND: Physical Education and School Sport (PESS) is an integral part of the school curriculum in Ireland. Historically... team sports, physical fitness and sport, PESS, academic achievement, individual sports

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Bradley, J., Keane, F. and Crawford, S. (2013), School Sport and Academic Achievement. Journal of School Health, 83: 8–13. doi: 10.1111/j.1746-1561.2012.00741.x
Lumpkin, Angela. "To make the grade in high school, work it out." Phi Kappa Phi Forum 92.3 (2012): 25. Academic OneFile. Web. 26 Sept. 2013

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