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School Size And Preformance Essay

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School Size |
The Effect of School Size on Student Performance |
By: Andrew Harvey & Yan Liang |
4/26/2013 |

In this economic paper we will be exploring whether or not school size has an effect on student performance. Our hypothesis is that if class sizes are smaller, and all other factors are equal, then students will perform better. Our data comes from 408 high schools in Michigan in the year 1993. From this data we can run our null hypothesis that school size has no effect on student performance, and then move to testing our hypothesis. Our hypothesis is that school size has a negative correlation to student performance. To gauge student performance ...view middle of the document...

Another reason that this study is very important to society is that once the ideal school size is determined then we will be able to focus on other factors that affect student performance such as teacher quality and school quality.
This topic is not limited to this particular study, in fact there have be a number of studies done relating to school size and student performance, such as class size and student performance. One study that explored the effects of class size stated that “In his review work, Hanushek (1997, 2003, 2006) shows the lack of any consistent or strong relationship between class size and pupil performance across a large range of studies.” (Nadir 2012) This lack of consistency across the world in this study has left researchers and politicians both wondering what sort of effect class size relay has on student performance. Another study, that explored whether school size had any effect on student performance, rejected our null hypothesis. The research paper stated “small schools and schooling units are at least equal and often superior to large ones” (Cotton, 10). Although this study states that smaller schools are better for the student this information cannot be applied to everyone because the research base was only “69 documents—49 primary sources (studies and evaluations), 14 secondary sources (reviews and syntheses), and six documents that report both reviews and studies.”(Cotton, 2). Furthermore they also found that using different models yielded different results. This lack of more extensive research will not allow me to say for certain whether or not smaller schools are better or not. This lack of uncertainty is the reason why we must conduct our own research to see if our research coincides with similar studies.
For the rest of this research paper I will be running my tests on the data to determine if school size really does have an effect on student performance. First I will explain what theoretical model I will use to develop me empirical work. Then I will lay out the data in the form of explanations including tables and graphs. Following the data I will present the empirical model followed by the empirical results. Once all of the information has been presented I will conclude on what we have discovered through our research.
Theoretical Model: In this paper, we will develop a mathematical model to explain how the school size and other factors affect student’s performance. in the model, dependent and independent variables are developed as follows:

Dependent variable:         math10 (percentage of students passing MEAP math)
Independent variables:    totcomp (salary plus benefits of staffs)
                staff (staff per 1000 students)
                enroll (school enrollment)
                expend (expenditure per student in dollars)

Two different models will be discuss:

    1. math10 = b0 + b1(totcomp) + b2(staff) + b3(enroll) + u
    2. math10 = b0 + b1(totcomp) + b2(staff) + b3(enroll) +...

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