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School That Everyone Dreams Essay

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Education is the most important aspect in the development of an individual, and as well as a nation. It is the journey that helps us become well-rounded people ready to encounter all obstacles. An ideal school is the starting point to equip us with the skills we require to live life to the fullest. As such, an ideal school should be one which allows one to be fully educated. Having spent 11 years in Malaysia, I feel our schools are not equipped to fulfill this aim.
An ideal school, in my opinion means nothing without its main source of knowledge and information—teachers. My ideal school is consisted of dozens of dedicated and experienced teachers who specialize in the subjects that they teach. The teachers are responsible and know their ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, my ideal school will definitely be equipped with various facilities to cater to every pupil’s need. Sports in my ideal school is indispensable. Most of the schools now do have sports amenities like badminton courts, basketball courts and football fields, but these are not adequate. More advanced sports amenities like world class swimming pools, bowling alley, squash cubicles, driving range for golf enthusiasts and a shooting range for professional archer aspirants will make my school an ideal place to nurture young talents so that they will be able to deliver medals to our country when participating in prestigious sports events.
A library plays a pivotal role in cultivating a reading habit in pupils. My ideal school’s library is run by judicious and knowledgeable librarians. They will get the latest updates about the bestsellers not just in our nation but in the world and find ways to get some copies for the school. Pupils will have the opportunity to savour the enjoyable experience of reading the latest bestsellers besides following the fad of thousands of people in the world. This endeavour will definitely encourage pupils to read more if is exploited fully and thus making a pupil’s life in school a fruitful one.
The canteen of my ideal school is capable of providing its pupils nutritious meals. The canteen sells healthy breakfast and scrumptious lunch to its pupils to replenish their energy and nutrients which are required by their body in order to excel in every field. Hygiene is given top priority and every canteen personnel must be properly attired with aprons, gloves and cover their heads. The canteen also serves all kinds of Malaysian delicacies or traditional food and desserts to cater to the taste buds of everyone.

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