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School Uniforms Essay

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School Uniforms

Would you consider a sports team equal and professional if each player wore whatever they chose to the game? Chances are no! This point is exactly why school uniforms would be a great asset to the already “out of control” public school system dress code. Each student trying to represent themselves through their own unique style and clothing is making the school as a whole look tacky, messy and very unprofessional; just as a professional sports team would look if there wasn’t a uniform in place for each of them to wear. Years of debating between students, parents and educators have thrown out every positive and negative argument that could possibly exist in reference to ...view middle of the document...

As far as getting the best education out there, uniforms seem to help by lessening the distraction in the classroom. “Students spend less time talking about and analyzing everyone's dress” (Boutelle, 2008). Another article in 2011, Tarshis states that “many experts insist that uniforms improve learning, making schools safer and even help students feel happier”. Ultimately, children learn better with less distraction and are able to stay more focused. Flashy clothing and trendy fashions are especially distractions for teenagers. “School uniforms are correlated with improved attendance rates for middle and high school students and lower teacher-attrition rates at the elementary school level” (Rice, 2011). If there were uniforms in the schools, this obstacle would be eliminated altogether and academically children would improve in school.
School uniforms also take the pressure off the students to pay top dollar for their clothes. Children would no longer have to worry about being made fun of because their clothing weren’t name brand or “in” style that season. With everyone dressing alike there would be no reason to laugh or make jokes about the way anyone else dresses. The families who weren’t able to financially offer their children the more costly denims and name brand clothes would feel less superior or pressured to have those same expensive clothes. Uniforms would help everyone, regardless of their financial class, to feel as a whole and united. Students would experience less harassment and peer pressure in schools if a dress code was in place.
High cost of the uniforms is a huge concern to parents on this matter. Tarshis (2011) explains that “parents felt that some families may not be able to afford them and that they would add to clothing expenses as a whole, because they would still have to buy additional clothing,

and that some styles may be unflattering on certain body types”. Arguments made over these cost and styles could be handled several ways. In fact, many schools have incorporated the cost of the
uniform into their tuition already, excluding the need for additional funding separately. Other ideas were to recycle them from families who may no longer need them, or possibly using some sort of grant monies to help with this added cost. In retrospect, school uniforms are made for repeated wash and wear and can be handed down among siblings or families. The uniforms are actually more economical than these parents are led to believe. A variety of styles could also help benefit children with a larger body habitus. Besides saving hundreds of dollars, the school uniforms help to erase lines between social classes. Although they cost a bit more initially, the savings brought on by not having to come up with a huge seasonal wardrobe outweighs all the other benefits.
Another positive for uniforms is the ease on the parents, knowing that their child is dressed appropriately for school. Many schools have bans on any type of clothing...

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