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School Violence And History Essay

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“Triggers” at School Violence
Alyson Prevost, Comm 220
Professor Ryan
August 2, 2009

Throughout this paper one may fear for their child’s safety at school. This happens when they might see an act of random violence that happened at another school, in another state, or when one notices an act of bullying in their child’s school. Sadly, school violence seems to be getting worse. When the schools though try to stop the violence or bullying they sometimes cross the lines, or do not acknowledge what is the problem. They cannot win for losing. Schools, like most everything are not perfect, but this one would feel, should be. Violence does not just hit the public or city ...view middle of the document...

As he continued, he outlined his plan for the coming 24 hours. "It was after much thought that I decided to kill my wife, Kathy, tonight after I pick her up from work at the telephone company," he revealed. "The prominent reason in my mind is that I truly do not consider this world worth living in, and am prepared to die, and I do not want to leave her to suffer alone in it." He continued, "Similar reasons provoked me to take my mother's life also." (Macleod 97)
Later his writing of this letter was interrupted by a visit from more family friends. They also stated that Charlie was unusually calm but happy. The friends left, he went to pick up his wife and left his home again at 12. Charlie left the apartment and arrived at the Penthouse, his mother’s apartment. Margaret greeted her son and though it is not exactly known when, was choked with a rubber house then stabbed with a large knife. There was also massive damage to the back of her head, though no one knows where that came from exactly. Margaret died at 12:30 am, and that is the time when Charlie sat down to write another letter: "I have just taken my mother's life," he wrote, "I am very upset over having done it...I am truly sorry that this is the only way I could see to relieve her sufferings but I think it was best." After writing the letter and covering his mother up in bed, Charlie wrote a note to the houseman, and stuck it on the door. The letter went like this: It read, "Roy, I don't have to be to work today and I was up late last night. I would like to get some rest. Please do not disturb me. Thank you. Mrs. Whitman."
When Charlie Whitman arrived home, his wife was asleep in bed. Quickly and quietly Charlie stabbed his wife in the chest five times. Charlie continued with the letter he was writing with; "I imagine it appears that I brutally kill both of my loved ones," he wrote. "I was only trying to do a quick thorough job." He wrote a few more notes, one to each of his brothers and one to his father. He left instructions that the film in his cameras be developed, and that his, and Kathy's dog be given to her parents. For a little while he looked back in his diaries, highlighting entries where he had extolled his wife's virtues in years past. Then he set about preparations for the killing spree which would follow in a few hours. Charlie had an old Marine locker where he had packed many different supplies. He then called his wife’s boss and told him that, his wife would not be coming in to work that day.
Later the morning, he went out to buy more supplies. Then at around 11am,, he put on blue overalls, over his clothes, and headed to the campus. At 11:30, Whitman arrived at the security checkpoint. His job entitled him with proper identification that also said he would be unloading equipment and would need a loading zone permit. By 11:30 all his needed equipment was unloaded and he entered the Tower with his Marine locker.
The first victim was a...

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