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Early Years.
The Education system has laws and codes of practice for all developmental stages, ranging from Early Years to Post-16 education. In the instance of Early Years, there is an Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS), to ensure all children in the early stages of development are being given the best opportunity for development. By law, all children of 3-4 years of age are now entitled to free part-time Early Education of up to 15 hours per week (previously 12.5), and the provision for early years education within their local area. Providers of early years education include maintained (state) nursery schools, maintained (state) primary schools ...view middle of the document...

Different types of schools.
There are many different types of schools within the United Kingdom. Not only are there schools to follow developmental stages such as pre-schools and nursery schools, infant schools, junior schools, comprehensive schools and colleges, there are also different types of schools which are all run in differing ways, and according to their own school governance as well as national and local guidelines.

Community schools | LEA | Develop skills with local community and provide support services. |
Foundation and Trust schools | Own governing body (LEA) | GB determines the admission policy in consultation with the LEA. |
Voluntary schools | Own governing body (LEA) | Partly funded by charity and partly by the LEA. |
Specialist schools | Some LEA, some independent | Usually secondary schools which have applied for specialist status to develop 1 or 2 subject specialisms or as an SEN specialist school. |
Independent schools | (Not LEA) | Set apart from LEA as they are funded by fees paid by parents and incomes from investments/charitable donations. |
Academy schools | Sponsors from businesses. | In 2010, the government introduced more opportunities for communities to become involved. |

Key personnel.
Schools have various personnel that work within the organisation, each with a different role, to ensure the well-being of all the children being taught there.
The Governing Body has the responsibility of the conduct of the school, and has the job of promoting the high standards of achievement expected at the school. It is the schools accountable body, and its roles include providing an overall view of the school based on the purpose and aims they set within an agreed policy framework. They are responsible for appointing the Head Teacher, and also subsequently “performance managing” them throughout this role, and coming up with a strategy for improvement of the school (this includes things such as statutory targets, budgets and staffing structures), and consequently evaluating the effectiveness of the improvement strategy. They are in charge of making sure pupils parents/carers are well informed and involved and consulted on school matters as appropriate, and ensuring that information is made available to the community when it is required. In order to ensure they do their duties effectively, they must gain knowledge of how the school operates through training, by attending meetings and by getting to know their school community through things such as visits to the school during a school day. It is important that the Governing Body is able of working well and effectively as a team under the Chair of the Governing Body, and most Governing Bodies require their Governors to sign a code of practice.
The Senior Management Team of a school is usually made up of the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head Teacher, and can sometimes include Assistant...

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