Sci 136 Stomach Cancer Outline

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Stomach Cancer Outline
Elements of Health and Wellness SCI/ 163
July 9, 2012
Laura Ross

Week 3 Learning Team Outline
I. Stomach Cancer
II. Explanation of Stomach Cancer
A. Also called gastric cancer
B. Malignant tumor in stomach lining
C. Diagnosis decreased in last 60 years
D. 10,620 related deaths in 2009
E. Can be cured if detected early
F. Classified by the tissue of origination
G. Most common is adenocarcinoma
1. 90-95% of stomach cancer is adenocarcinoma
2. Starts in the glandular tissue
H. Lymphomas
1. Involve lymphatic system
2. Involve sarcomas or connective tissue
III. Causes and Risk Factors
A. Technically unknown
B. Stomach ...view middle of the document...

Low intake of green leafy vegetables

E. Uncontrollable

F. Infections

1. Certain types of bacteria

5. Ulcers

6. Stomach polyps

7. Anemia

b. Megaloblastic

c. Pernicious

8. Gastrectomy

9. Menetrier’s Disease

IX. Role the Immune System plays in prevention or recovery
A. Prevention

1. Natural Killer Cells

a. Recognizes and kills cancerous cells
e. Produces cytokines

2. Strong Immune system

a. Immune recovery

X. Reliable community and web resources

A. Cancer Hope Network

1. Provide one on one support

a. Fighter
b. Families
2. Match a fighter with a “buddy”
a. This individual is a fellow fighter or survivor of the same cancer.
3. Individualization
b. Work for and with the fighter
4. Assistance
c. Cancer specific organizations
d. General Help
e. Networks
f. Foundations
g. Assisted living directory
h. Services offered
B. American Cancer Society
5. Learn about cancer
6. Ways to stay healthy
i. Tools
7. What to expect
j. Understanding your diagnosis
k. Finding a treatment center
l. How to pay for treatment
8. Support programs and services
m. Lodging
n. Rides to treatment
o. Products
p. Support groups
q. Classes
9. Inspirational Stories

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