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Sci. 204 Environmental Science5/9/2015Deforestation |

1.0 Discuss 5 products that come from tropical rain forests.

All chocolate originates from the cacao plant? Whether it’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Hershey’s Kisses, Snickers etc. The cacao plant grows in the wild in Central and South America. Its cultivation can be a forest-friendly source of income for the indigenous people of the Amazon.
Most moisturizers include ingredients that can be found in nature. Many plants form the Amazon – like Brazil nut and coconut oil – are fantastic for the skin.
Aside from using plants in moisturizers, they can also be ...view middle of the document...

Cattle Ranching
Cattle graze carelessly in fields of northern Brazil, usually after fires have destroyed the forest, not allowing the forest to recuperate. As our appetite for meat increases so does the local and global demand for meat. As ranchers and agribusinesses mandate increasingly larger grazing prairies and also land to grow the food for the livestock (such as soybean), deforestation also increases. 
Since Brazil, alone, has become one of the largest beef providers in the world, cattle grazing are responsible for 75% of deforestation in Brazil. With the cattle growing by 140% from 1990 to 2003, the Amazonian forest is in real peril. (Source: Reuters)
Palm Oil Production
Increasing international use for palm oil as an economical raw material for goods such as cooking oil, margarine, cereals soaps and cosmetics has made Indonesia the biggest culprit of deforestation in the world. Plantations have been bankrolled by the timber trade.
Indonesia and Malaysia stock the bulk of the world’s palm oil, while plantations are now also springing up in different areas of Africa. As if to add insult to injury or vice versa, palm oil grown on deforested lands then turned into biofuels have a carbon impact five times as bigger than diesel.

Sustenance Farming
We all have to eat and be able to sustain ourselves and our families. Right now farming by the local population contributes to deforestation by about 33%. Deforestation in Africa is currently largely driven by these small-scale subsistence farming.
Logging for Timber
Legal and illegal logging is the primary cause of deforestation and responsible for more than 70% of total forest degradation in Latin America and Asia. In Brazil and Indonesia, as much as 80% to 90% of the timber trade is illegal.

3.0 The quickest solution to deforestation would be to simply stop cutting down trees. Discuss 2 reasons why this is very difficult, especially in the Amazon Tropical Rain Forest.
The timber industry is a driving force for jobs, housing products and everyday items like toilet paper. Without a guiding philosophy or administrative oversight, the timber industry has the potential to upset a fragile balance between robust ecosystems and providing necessary resources for people. Consumers are implicit in the supply and demand for forestry products. As a consumer that is...

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