Sci 215 Module 1: Assignment 3: Biotechnology Applications

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What is Biotechnology?
At its most basic term, biotechnology means the use of living organisms or their products
to better human health and the environment. Biotechnology can be considered as an advanced
scientific tool for the manipulation of biological organism, system, or components to produce
some benefit to human health and human environment.
Applications of biotechnology in medicine field
Today, the most notable impact of biotechnology has been in the medical and
pharmaceutical arena. In the medicine field, red biotechnology application has resulted in new
antibiotics, vaccines for malaria, and improved ways of insulin production. It ...view middle of the document...

Real-world examples of biotechnology applications
The possible applications of biotechnology in medicine are limitless, as are the profits to be
made, promising a revolution in the health/medicine area. For example, “One of the major
discoveries within the biomedical industry has been the use of biotechnology to produce human
insulin for the treatment of diabetes” (Amar 2008, par. 6). Currently, thousands of humans
around the world se genetically engineered human insulin.
Below are some real-world organizations that promote biotechnology research and
support the growth and development of the biotechnology industry:


Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Is a science-driven, patient-focused company leveraging its strengths across the
continuum from drug discovery to commercialization to provide better treatments for
people with serious diseases. The Company employs a highly disciplined discovery and
development approach that has allowed it to pursue best-in-class therapy for chronic
hepatitis C (HCV) and build a platform of potent and specific complement factor D
inhibitors. Achillion is...

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