Science 207 Lab Essay

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1. What question does this study aim to answer? State the hypothesis that you tested.
Scientifically prove the effects of habitat fragmentation associated with deforestation and urban sprawl on forest food webs and ecosystem processes.
2. Briefly describe the methods of data collection and analysis you used to test your hypothesis.
I utilized an excel spreadsheet to record data of different elements added to the environment at different percentages.
3. What scientific procedure did you follow to answer your question and test your hypothesis?
I utilized introducing four different elements into a habitat at different stages (percentages). I utilized plant ...view middle of the document...

What were the impacts of competition on each species?
The impact was that the more the BBWF grew, the more the SGF declined. The Elk/Deer were able to feed off the BBWF and thrive and maintain its’ growth. Also, the wolves were able to feed off the Deer/Elk and maintain their natural growth as well.
How did the addition of BBWF, elk and wolves affect the populations of the other species?
BBWF was able to control the spread of SGF. The deer and elk fed at normal rates allowing habit to reproduce and survive.
6. Which species appear to benefit from increasing fragmentation? BBWF
Which species are negatively impacted? SGF
Based on your knowledge of environmental science, what could explain these observations? It is explained as a natural and healthy habit, reproducing naturally. Only using what was needed and allowing supply to replenish.
Support your answer with specific results from your data and ideas from your readings.
As with reproduction, as one fed on the other it was allowed to naturally reproduce (with the exception of SGF).
7. How do your findings relate to relevant theories in environmental science? Specifically:
1. Do your results indicate that any of the species are keystone species?
Yes, the wolf.
Do they support the theory of bottom-up or top-down control of population dynamics in ecosystems? Yes
Explain. The wolf eats the elk that eats the...

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