Science 6 Essay

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Marketing Research Notes
Chapter 5
* Written statement
* A drawing
* Liking?
* Interest?
* Intention-to-buy?
* Advertising copy?
* Brand image?
* Brand name?
* Price?
Advantages of focus groups
* Can generate new products ideals quickly
* New products ideas
* New uses of existing products
Disadvantages of focus groups

Chapter 6
Two typical objectives for secondary data
1. Fact-finding
&&What is the size of our target market in these zip codes?
&& Who is buying our products?
Zip code
&& Which of our customers are the most profitable?
&& Which customers are new to our company over the past year?
&& How does St. Louis County or St. Louis City compare to the ...view middle of the document...

Accounting department
b. Sales involves
c. Product line sales data
d. Back-orders 缺货
e. Customers complaints (Customer complaints are valuable data)
f. Warranty card information
External Data (outside of the company)
* Library articles
* US Government
* Trade Associations
* Encyclopedia of associations
* Burke Marketing Research (day-after recall)

Advantages of secondary data
*Lower cost than primary data
*Faster to collect than primary data
*Can help to clarify the research problem
*Can suggest a better way to collect primary data

Disadvantages of secondary data:
*May not fit the objectives of your current research
*Units of measurement may be different
ex. head of household income vs. household income
ex. age groups may be different
ex. income groups may be different
*Data are old and out-of-date

Chapter 5
Survey Research
&&Relatively Inexpensive
&&Can be accurate
&&Data can be analyzed statistically
&&Quality of the response rate
&&Are the answers accurate?

What are your objectives?
Possible objectives
*Describe the demographics of the target market
*Learn why customers buy a particular brand
*Measure customer attitudes
Types of survey errors
Random sampling error
Systematic error
Administrative error
Types of information gathered in surveys
Soap opera survey
4 Types of surveys
1, Personal Interviews
2, Mall-Intercept Interviews
3,Phone Interview
4,Self-Administered Questionnaire

Personal Interview
can probe
high participation
respondents are not anonymous
interviewer influence

Mall-Intercept Interviews

Telephone interviews
More impersonal
Representative samples

Self-Administered survey
Geographic flexibility
Respondent convenience
Anonymity of respondent
Absence of Interviewer
Response Rate

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