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The animals: In the desert.

There are numerous animals that live within the Sahara desert; all of these are adapted to cope with the conditions of the habitat. They all have certain features that make them different to animals that may live in a different habitat, like a polar bear. When we look at animals it’s not always obvious that they have all these essential adaptations that make them stay alive. For example, Fennec fox has large 6” ears, thick fur, sand coloured fur, fur on their feet and kidneys that restrict water loss. This is all important; in fact without all this the fennec fox may be unable to live! The large ears help get rid of heat quickly in hot dessert ...view middle of the document...

The most amazing thing is that their nostrils can close to stop the sand blowing up their nose! These are all physical adaptations. Camel’s feet are also wide so it is easier to walk on sand searching for desert plants to eat. Their lips are thick and tough do they can eat cacti and prickly plants without any pain. It’s amazing how much an animal is adapted to where it lives!

The plants:

Although it isn’t just animals that are adapted, plants are also too! It has taken millions of years for plants like this to adapt so well all plants have gone through physical changes to survive.
Cacti have thorns or spines, on a regular plant this would be leaves but they are reduced to lessen the amount of water vapour lost, it also gives the plant more protection against animals that might feed off the plant. The stem is the main part of the plant; it is usually thick and stores a lot of the water to keep it alive it is also the place for photosynthesis. The stem also keeps the cacti straight and upright cutting down exposure to midday sun. They also normally have shallow roots directly below the soil, which is able to trap and absorb even the smallest amount of water that may fall. Many species also have extremely deep feeder roots which will tap into underground water sources if they are available, these roots can extend up to 30 meters below the soil!
A Venus fly trap can easily produce a poison that is colourful to attract fly/small insects. When an insect lands on the leathery leaves, it can use its quick reactions to trap the insect within its leaves with its lid. Living in hot climates, food can be very scarce- this plant has specifically adapted for whenever any food may come it can have it straight away. It has downward pointing hair to prevent any escape on captured water in the pitfall. The pitfall is a trap filled with stored water and bacteria. The bacteria, or digestive enzymes, are what digest the food.

Star Nosed Mole:

A star nosed mole is likely to be found in wet low areas. They, like other animals, have adaptations that have become apparent to us when observed after a number of years.
The star-nosed mole is covered in thick, blackish-brown, water-repellent fur. Being a good swimmer in dark, swampy waters this is a good form of camouflage it also keeps the mole warmer as the fur will insulate the mole when in and out of the water. It has large, scaled feet that help it swim easily and cope...

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