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Science Extreme Weather Unit Essay

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Extreme Weather Unit

This unit will study extreme weather on Earth but more specifically Mars and Venus. In the first steps it outlines the summary of this unit. The steps that the students have to take in studying these planets are outlined in the objectives. There are three cognitive objectives, one psychomotor, and one affective objective. The students will take this new knowledge of these planets and have to compare and contrast it with each other as well as weather on Earth. They will then have to assemble their own measuring tool for Mars or Venus and then have to defend their tool as the last step in this unit. As the students go through this unit they will be going ...view middle of the document...

“Weather is the state of the atmosphere at any given time in a certain area. It is a mix of heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness” (Weather on the Planets, n.d).  Mars, Venus and Earth all have an atmosphere, so therefore they all have weather that can be observed and studied.
Scientists and astronomers are interested in learning more about weather beyond Earth. They know that other planets in our solar system have extreme weather conditions as well. In this unit the students will be looking at the planets Mars and Venus since they are the closet planets to Earth. These two planets also have very active and observable weather which make them perfect for young students to research and study these planets. Sometimes Venus is mentioned as Earth's sister planet since they are both about the same size. “The terrestrial planets are composed primarily of rock and metal and have relatively high densities, slow rotation, solid surfaces, no rings and few satellites” (Venus & Mars, 2011, n.p). Once we study and consider the weather on both Mars and Venus they can then design equipment that can handle extremes of temperature, wind, and other factors. The students must be able to defend their instrument in a final presentation.
Five Terminal Course Objectives
In this unit, the students will look into weather conditions on Earth and other planets in the solar system. They will begin by studying what makes extreme weather happen here on Earth. With this study, they will then carry this new knowledge into studying weather on different planets in the solar system, more specifically Mars and Venus. The students will then examine different weather instruments that could be used on these planets. The students will then choose either Mars or Venus and focus the rest of their study into that one planet. The student will create their own measuring tool for that planet. Lastly, at the end of this unit the students will have to present and defend their measurement tool using scientific research.
Cognitive Objectives
Listed below here are three cognitive objectives. These objectives start on the simpler side and get harder as the lesson goes on.
Cognitive objective one. This objective is that TSW describe weather conditions on planet Mars and Venus.
Cognitive objective two. This objective is that TSW compare and contrast available weather for Mars and Venus and relate it to Earth.
Cognitive objective three. This objective is that TSW determine what modern day weather instruments will work best on Mars and Venus to measure temperature, pressure, and humidity.
Psychomotor Objective
The psychomotor objective for this unit is that TSW be...

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