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Geography Question Paper 2002
SECTION - A Attempt all questions from this Section. Question 1 Study the extract of the Survey of India Map Sheet No. 45 D/ 7 and answer the following questions: (a) Give the six-figure grid reference of: i. A 225 ii. A lined well near Ganguwada. [2] (b) Name the most important perennial source of irrigation shown on the map extract. [1] (c) (i) What does 6r in the grid square 8495 means? (ii) What do you mean by 20r in the grid square 8994? [2] (d) Give two points in evidence to show that the region in the map extract has seasonal rainfall. [1] (e) (i) What does the blue line in the Varka N indicate? (ii) What is the general direction of the Varka N? [1] (f) ...view middle of the document...

[1] (j) Mark with a thick line and name the Yablonoi mountains. [1] (k) Mark with an arrow and name Thailand. [1] (1) Shade and name Northern Lowlands. [1] Question 3 On the outline map of the Indian Sub-continent, provided:

(a) Mark with a bold line the mountain range 'Satpura.' [1] (b) Label the river Mahanadi. [1] (c) Shade and name the Rann of Kutchh. [1] (d) Mark and name the River Jhelum. [1] (e) Mark with a dot and name the city of Lahore in the appropriate place. [1] (f) Print 'TRF' in one area that has Tropical Rain Forests. [1] (g) Mark with a dot and name Dacca. [1] (h) Print 'COTTON’ over one area, where it is cultivated South of the Tropic of Cancer in India. [1] (i) Print ‘I.O.’ over one area, where iron ore is mined in India. [1] (j) Mark with a dot and name Allahabad. [1] (k) Shade and write 'DP' over one area of Dense Population in North of the Tropic of Cancer. [1] (l) Mark with a dot and name the biggest city on the West Coast. [1] Question 4 (a) Why are there great variations in the climate of the Indian sub-continent? [2] (b) Name any two local winds which blow in India and write briefly about each. [2] (c) (i) Under what rainfall conditions are the Tropical Rain forests found? (ii) What are the two main characteristics of the trees found in Tropical Evergreen Forests? [2] (d) Which regions of India have Desert Vegetation? How are they adapted to climate? [1] (e) Explain the origin of the black soil. Name two States in India, which have black soil. [2] SECTION - C Attempt any three questions from this Section. Question 5 (a) i. Name one area in India where jute is cultivated widely. [1] ii. Mention, why there is a concentration of this crop in the area mentioned by you? [1] (b)

i. Mention a leading beverage crop of India. [1] ii. What are its requirement in terms of soil and rainfall? [1] (c) i. Which State is the largest producer of sugarcane in India? [1] ii. Mention the climatic conditions needed for the cultivation of this crop. [1] (d) Name four important medicinal plants grown in India. [2] (e) What are the two methods of cultivation of rice? Which one is known for its better yields? [2] (f`) Explain briefly what...

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