Science In The Real World Essay

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Science in the Real World
The articles I chose to read are as follows Robotic surgery just got more autonomous, Attitudes to new supervised autonomous robot, Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (STAR), which can perform soft tissue surgery. The most detailed article is Smart Robot. In this article it explains in details about the climate putting surgery one step closer into the realm of self-driving cars and intelligent machines. In the other hand the article Attitudes to climate Robot-assisted surgery currently relies on the surgeon to manually control it, and outcomes can vary depending on the individual’s training and experience was easier to understand due to the way it was simply and short written.
In Robotic surgery just got more autonomous it speaks about how Smart Tissue ...view middle of the document...

S., such as aircraft manufacturer Boeing Co., and the revolution in military technology.
In The Rise of Intelligent Machines PART 2 it speaks about how smart the artificial-intelligence revolution is: Self-driving cars are a reality (and far safer than human drivers), war is being outsourced to robots, and surgery will be performed by autonomous machines — and this is only the beginning.
The strengths in follows Robotic surgery just got more autonomous article is simply and short written. and the weaknesses is only tell you one thing about Robotic surgery. the strengths in The Rise of Intelligent Machines PART 2 article is it have more detail about Intelligent Machines, and the weaknesses is too much information about Intelligent Machines.
There are the differences in news articles vs. primary literature: The article Robotic surgery just got more autonomous have good organized, and the vocabulary is simple and technical details is easy to understood. The article The Rise of Intelligent Machines PART 2 organized not so good, and the vocabulary is not too simple to understood, and technical details is too complicated. So the news is simple and it is better to understand.

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