Science Meets Real Life: Unit 10 Final Project

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Meets Science Real Life 1 Science Meets Real Life: Unit 10 Final Project Lashundra T. Jones Kaplan University SC300-09 Professor Morris December 5, 2010 Science Meets Real Life 2 Science Meets Real Life: Unit 10 Final Project With life you never know what to expect, a famous actor once quoted in a movie Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get. (Forrest Gump, 2000). That was an understatement if you were to ask me! But what most individuals dont realize is that life and science go hand and hand. We use reasoning to denote certain things about people or places. We even use the scientific method to solve everyday problems without even realizing it. Take a look at two ...view middle of the document...

After I fumbled my way through the front room and back out to the garage where the breaker box was, I checked it for any tripped fuses. And to my surprise no fuses had been tripped. So what was the problem? After going back into the house I thought about everything that I had tried and then I tried to think about what else could possibly Science Meets Real Life 3 be wrong. Then a light bulb came on in my head and I came up with a hypothesis that I needed to check the rest of the house. After a quick survey I noticed everything was blacked out. The microwave, DVD player, the stereo and to confirm things the refrigerator all were out. I immediately call the power company with thoughts of me forgetting to pay the bill in my head. Once I reached customer service it was reported to me that a tree fell on a power line and knocked the power out for the whole neighborhood. Another instance of when I used the scientific method to solve a problem in my life was when my department was trying to develop a sound process for securing test materials. Since the securities of test have become an issue especially with students answer sheets and employees forging answers, it was imperative that on our end we had sound security procedures. When it came that the validity of a certain test had been compromised due answers being changed we decided to go to the drawing board and come up with ideas that could assist us in the handling of secure items. We presented the question How to secure testing documents? The next step was to do research to see if we could pinpoint where and if there were gaps in the process that was in place already. We notice that schools were still staying that they had not received materials or materials were in too many peoples hand. So what we did was created a warehouse sheet that listed the schools and the materials in which they were to receive. At first it seems to be having a positive outcome, nothing was getting lost and everything seemed to be in order. And then one day we did not receive testing materials back from a couple of schools and no one could account for who picked them up or anything. We went back to the drawing board and decided to keep the warehouse sheet but to add a spot for the name of the sender and their signature. We also added a pick up or drop off time slot so that way we would know who received or shipped the materials as well as what time the transfer of ownership took place. We also eliminated third Science Meets Real Life 4 party drop offs making the material have only one handler between the schools and our office. This process has been in effect for a year now and it is wonderful. All materials are easily accounted for and if some stated that they did not receive something we have paper trails that shows who signed for them and what time they were delivered or picked up. Eliminating the third party drop offs have also helped eliminate the possibility or thought of answer documents being tampered with by a...

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