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Science Vs. Religion Essay

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From the time when humans evolved there have been many explanations for events that appear out of human control. In recent history, religious and scientific views have often disagreed with one another. Religious ideas are usually presented first, and then enough scientific evidence accumulates to challenge religious beliefs. These discoveries dealing with science are looked upon with utter disbelief.Dating back to the middle ages, religion always held the answer to any question posed. Within the following years, many people began to find ulterior answers to questions, using science to support their answers. Science was now considered the new formula to deal with unanswerable questions. The church, being a strong believer in religion, refused the idea of science as logic, and banned anyone who believed in such ...view middle of the document...

This concept is what is taught by most religions and what most people believe. Scientists and philosophers later came up with the theory of evolution, which was then put up against the creation theory. The reason why there is plenty of controversy over who holds the correct answer is due to the fact that no one theory has been proven fact. Till the day of confirmation arises, there will be a continuous debate over which theory is true and which is false. If there were no contrary views on issues, there would be no advancements, and the world would be loosing out on new information. There would also be no development in both scientific understanding and an increase in the growth of religious beliefs, therefore, making the world and useless, and information free.There have been many violent acts due to conflicting views on religion and science, if society did not take the initiative to advance themselves scientifically, no improvement could have been made in the fields of biology, psychology, and several other fields dealing with science. However, if there were no differing views, the world, as we know it today may be a happier and friendlier place, despite the fact that there would be no expansions in the field of technology.Throughout time, religion has been the key explanation to everything known to date. Dealing with all aspects, religious beliefs replace the views thought of by scientists and philosophers to date. Until scientific evidence and popular support came about, society was dominated by religion. The men and women of science were thought of as the "evil", and nevertheless they continued to express their ideas until people became aware of of them and realized that they may have some fact. These conflicts between religion and science are a part of our society, which allow us to grow technologically, and expand out minds intellectually.

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