Scientific Evidence Shows That King Tutankhamen Did Not Die Of Natural Causes He Was Murdered

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~KING TUT~ Tutankhamen, king of Ancient Egypt (often referred to as King Tut), died at the early age of around eighteen. To this day, his death remains a mystery that has brought many historians, Egyptologist and scientist to many theories as to how King Tut died. Two theories in particular are the theory that he succumbed to a broken leg that became infected, and the theory that he was murdered. The latter theory holds the most weight.
In 1968, while performing an x-ray of Tutankhamen's mummy, scientist found bone fragments in his skull leading to the conclusion that he was murdered by ...view middle of the document...

Scientific evidence does seem to show that Tut had a foot disorder consisting of deformed structure with bone density indicating necrosis. There were many walking sticks found in his tomb to support this theory (ABC News), but there is equally compelling scientific evidence that Tut had a hole in his head and coupled with historical evidence which suggest King Tut's political enemies had the motive to kill him and, along with the servants, the means and opportunity to do so, murder is far from farfetched.

For instance, Tutankhamen had become king at an age when he did not have the knowledge to run his kingdom, so he often turned to his powerful advisors Ay and Horemheb for guidance in running the angry and chaotic Egypt left to him by his father Akhenaten. Both Ay and Horemheb secretly desired to get rid of the boy king because for one, they each had designs on the throne for themselves, and two, they wanted to quickly restore Egypt's old ways. (KING TUT, 2O05.) Before his death, Akhenaten changed Egypt's religion to reflect worship of the One God. This concept went against everything ancient Egyptians believed in, and it angered many citizens and priest. Recently,...

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