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Scope Creep Essay

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Scope Creep is the tendency for a project scope to grow continually (Schwalbe, 2012). It can also be considered as an aspect of change control that focuses on the insidious growth in the scale of a system during life cycle of a project (Coloy Consulting, n. d.). A further definition infers Scope Creep as uncontrolled changes or continuous growth in the scope of a project (Wikipedia, n. d.). Many proponents believe that Scope Creep is a result of poor requirement elicitation and evolving requirements may proliferate into Scope Creep. Scope Creep has the tendency of resulting in poor change control, cost overrun, poor communication, poor requirement ...view middle of the document...

However, the project was unsatisfyingly completed because the changes grew beyond the initial design concept of the application and though the stakeholders where comfortable, I personally considered the project a failure.
The challenges we encountered during this project would have been avoided if clearly defined factors were considered. Personally, I believe the requirements were not clearly defined and communicated from the inception of the project. Documenting and proper requirements gathering would have resulted in proper elicitation, specification analysis and validation.
Secondly, inexperience on the part of the project team was also a contributing factor. We would have formulated a baseline that would have been the project’s working foundation. The design would have been based on an agreeable baseline that evolves with changes injected into the scope of the project. Adequate knowledge of project scope management would have enhanced the team’s ability and efficiency in controlling the scope of the project.
I believe that poor planning and sloppy management was also instrumental to the failure of the project. There were no clearly defined procedures for producing the various components of the project as components (functionalities) were randomly developed to satisfy the customer’s demands. To combat scope creep, project planning must be well defined and documented with adequate client involvement in the process (Bruce, 2011).
To an extent, I agree with Tom (2014) 5 points remarks to avoiding scope creep:
1. Understand what your client wants to achieve.
2. Collaborate with your...

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