Scope Of Healthcare Problems For Women In America

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Such a long period of innovation in science and technology has passed but still the health of a woman, which is significant for her family members, remains a major concern for us. Most of the healthcare services are designated for women as they get deprived of the healthy environment probably due to low income, office-work and off-course family responsibilities (being the toughest of all). Due to their own needs they invest in these services, funding them whenever needed!

American women healthcare problem:

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How to increase mammogram usage among certain populations, increasing cardiovascular disease preventive behaviors, promoting safer sex practices among at-risk women etc, are the motives of these organizations.

In 1900 the major causes of women’s death in U.S were diseases and complications of pregnancy and childbirth. But the scenario is quite different today as these health problems get replaced by other chronic ones. “The controversy over legalized abortion has revealed many problems in the treatment of women by the medical establishment and has led to efforts to make medical personnel more sensitive to women's physical and psychological needs. These include efforts to win acceptance of midwives, to decrease medical intervention in the birth process, and to increase research on women's health issues.” (WILLIAM KORNBLUM AND JOSEPH JULIAN, Problems of Physical Health )

Most of the women in U.S die due to heart disease while out of 185,000 women who suffer from breast cancer each year, only 140,000 survive. It is estimated that about 600,000 women have hysterectomy and its ratio is more than one-third in women of 60+ of age.4 million of women get targeted by domestic violence yearly and half of all women are the victims of chronic diseases by the age of 65. These women are usually low-classed and exist in minority.

“Disability" is a broad term that interprets” a sizeable range of conditions and diseases”. It refers generally to a limitation in physical or mental function caused by one or more health conditions. 19.9 to 28.6 million U.S women have disabilities and the number is still increasing. Women, who are more often affected by the conditions causing disability and over half of all women who are 65+, are living with disability.

The most common causes consist of back disorders, arthritis, heart disease, respiratory problems, and high blood pressure. Women experiencing disability can benefit from the public health efforts. Organizations like CDC give major emphasis on the welfare of these disabled women. They are doing there best to meet the needs of disabled women. Certain projects are made for urban African-American women in whom great emphasis is being given to exercise, nutrition and health education. It is necessary specifically for disabled women to have good access to health care as they have other health concerns additional to their disabilities. Women with disabilities experience the types of physical and mental abuse women in general do. But they are also subjected to the abuse of the caretakers who do not take good care of them.

Sex violence is another crisis that the country is dealing with. According to a report by CDC: rape, assault, stalking and homicide by intimate partners cost more than $ 5.8 billion each year: $4.1 billion in direct medical and mental health services and almost $ 1.8 billion in productivity losses.

Leading causes of mortality in U.S surveyed by CDC in 2002:


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