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The book that I chose for our Leadership Book Forum project is The Score Takes Care of
Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership. It was written by former NFL coaching great Bill
Walsh. He was the innovator of the “West Coast Offense” which is used to this day by many
teams, whether it be High School, College, or the Pro’s. He won three Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After he retired from the 49ers, he lectured on Leadership at Stanford University and to corporate groups.

In this book I noticed several models of Leadership that were used. The first was Leadership Style which consists of two different behavior patterns ...view middle of the document...

However the leader still has the final say so on how the goal will be achieved. Supporting (High supportive-low directive) where the leader brings out employees skills to get the job done. This consists of listening, praising, asking for input, and giving feedback. The leader allows team members control on day to day decisions, but he is there if a problem arises that is too complicated for them to handle. Delegating (Low supportive-low directive) the leader lets his subordinates do most of the planning, details, and how to attain their goal. He lets the team members take responsibility for getting the job done the way they want to “Goleman, D., Boyatzis, R., & McKee, A. (2002) A Primal Leadership: Learning To Lead With Emotional Intelligence. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.”
Bill Walsh believed that great teams whether it’s in sports, business, etc. have a conscience. This is defined as an organizations values and way of doing things comes from a source- the leader. He must know what needs to be done and have the capabilities and fortitude to get it done. Walsh’s “Standard of Performance” that he used in rebuilding the San Francisco 49ers Pro football team was comprised of the following: Showing a work ethic that seeks continual improvement, show respect to each person in the organization and the work he/she does. Be committed to learning and teaching which means increasing your knowledge. Be fair, demonstrate character, seek improvement, show self control under pressure, reward loyalty, use positive language and have a positive attitude, be willing to go the extra mile, put the team’s welfare and priorities ahead of his own. The leader must exhibit the principles, code of conduct, and behavior that he/she is asking others to emulate. At the same time, you’re looking for hiring the best people around that you can train them what is necessary to achieve the required levels of performance (Walsh 2009, pp. 84-87).
Another leadership model I noticed in the book was Transformational Leadership Style. This style involves influence that moves his people to accomplish more than what is expected of them. It is made up of charismatic and visionary leadership. Charismatic leadership is similar to Transformational leadership. Charismatic leaders are strong role models for their beliefs and values they want their followers to adopt. They appear competent to their peers. They communicate high expectations and have confidence in their subordinate’s abilities to meet expectations (Northouse 2010, pp. 173-175). Transformational leadership is made up of four factors, they are: Idealized influence-followers identify with their leaders and want to emulate them, they provide their followers with a vision. The second factor is Inspirational Motivation- leaders inspire through motivation to become committed to and part of the shared vision in the organization. The third factor is Intellectual Stimulation- encourages team...

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