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During the scramble for Africa, the Europeans basically had a lot to prove to each other. It is very easy to understand that at the time (1800-1900) European countries still struggled in crude ways to show dominance. This fact however couldn’t have single handedly driven the Europeans to Africa. There were also very rational reasons why. In this essay, those reasons will be stated.
There were economic causes. The 1800s were very economically unsettled times that even lead to a depression in 1873. During this period, every industrial country was hurt, and Britain was seriously affected. Britain relied on raw materials, thus damaging its balance of trade. It also shouldn’t ...view middle of the document...

The people in power were eager for a new cause to unite the people when it mattered.
In the year 1871, the unstable balance of power in Europe had been modified by the emergence of a strongly unified Germany and Italy, the severe opposition of British rule in Ireland, and the rapid disintegration of the Ottoman Empire in South Eastern Europe. The people were not pleased by these events.
There were also issues of Debt, as a result of the extravagant lifestyle of the rulers in North Africa. In places like Egypt, the British took over to protect Suez Canal from native Revolution.
To look at things from a General and less complex perspective, different parts of Africa had different kinds of raw materials to offer, and slave trade was also an interest at the time. All these reasons contributed majorly to the scramble for Africa.


Many theories and ideas have been produced as to why the Africans couldn’t stop the invasion of the Europeans. After studying these theories, it is easy to conclude that Africans were overwhelmed by the new presence, and were taken advantage of while in that state. The Europeans used methods like assimilation which allowed them to ease into the society and eventually introduce their premeditated plans of ruler ship, and also, association, which created scenarios for them to negotiate with the African Rulers and rule through the kings and chiefs of communities. In the early stages these methods were known as direct and indirect rule, but in the future, more complex methods had to be introduced, then eventually Colonies were made, with protectorates being declared, and European political systems being established in African kingdoms.
In summary, the Europeans Deceived the Africans and assumed power in their Kingdoms.

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