Script For Cupid And Psyche Essay

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Psyche: Mica Cupid: Joachim Venus: Steph
Sister1: Jeoyce Sister2: Jeanelle narrators: Faye & Angelica:
voice1 & father: Patrick voice2 & mother: Alyssa

Narrator1: A king and queen have three daughters.
Narrator2: Chruuee! In fact all of their daughters are attractive, “but” one of them is absolutely gorgeous – Psyche.
(Psyche enters the stage)
Psyche: Is this gift or a curse? I never wished for this beauty! ...view middle of the document...

Cupid is speechless and has fallen into his knees)
Psyche (helpless): Is it fair? My sisters just married while I… Everyone comes to see me… that’s all.
(Psyche’s parents enters the stage)
Psyche’s father (troubled): I don’t know how or what are you feeling right now…But I am sure that you are in great pain
Psyche’s mother (determined): Don’t worry, we will consult the oracle about your future.
Oracle: Psyche is destined to marry a monster that neither god nor mortal can resist.
Narrator: Psyche's parents are instructed to leave her on a mountain to await her monstrous husband.
Sister # 1: Psyche, you should stop this!
Mother (exclaimed): Your sister is right… I won’t hand you to a despicable creature!
Psyche (Sad smile): You are wrong! This is the end of my lifelong suffering! Rejoice for me for I have found my destiny…
(Closed curtains)
Voice # 1: Lady Psyche, Welcome to your new Home!
Psyche (surprised): Who are you? What do you want from me?
Voice # 1: Do not be afraid, my lady, we are your most faithful servants… We were trained to fulfill your desires.
Voice # 2: We know that you are tired and starving, my lady… So we prepared a feast for you.
(Psyche sat on the chair, and enjoys the most delicious food she ever tasted)
Psyche: When will my husband come? Did he really want me?
Voice # 2: Relax my lady; I assure you he will come…
Psyche: But when?
Voice # 1: soon… Very soon…
Narrator1: She's cool with that for a while, but eventually she gets lonely since he only comes at night.
Narrator2: and because there are no other humans around.
Narrator1: Psyche convinces her invisible husband to let her sisters come and visit her.
Narrator2: and he agrees.
(Psyche and her two sisters saw each other and tightly hugged together)
Sister # 2: Psyche, we miss you so much…
Sister # 1: We are so glad that you are still alive…. and still… beautiful
Psyche: (Chuckled) Well… I was scared at first but after knowing my husband…. The fright that I felt changed into love…
Sister # 1: (day dreaming): So how was he? Gorgeous? Muscular ? Or Charming?
Psyche (stutter):Well… um… he is a young man…um… he is now away for… umm… For a Hunting expedition!
Sister2: I see… well my husband and I like hunting; we might bump into each other someday. How does he look like?
(Psyche acted strange and secretive)
Psyche: It’s getting...

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