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Second Battle Of Marne Essay

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Second battle of the Marne
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WWI was a hard fought battle by many countries around the world. It was a brutal and long lasting effect that the men that fought in this war will never forget. There were many battles won throughout this war but a turning point for this war was a battle that the Americans were the tip of the spear. Leading the French against the heavily handed Germans and with standing there attack and sending an attack of their own that eventually led to the surrender of the Germans, it was the second battle of the Marne.
The Americas role in the second battle of the Marne was vital to the success over the Germans. The Americans Expeditionary Force with over 250,000 ...view middle of the document...

As the Germans made their way to the fourth platoon, but at that point they were stuck in positions were the Americans easily dismantled them. The 38th regiment started with 351 men and 5 officers, at the end of it they were left with 51 men and officers (Hanlon M. 1998-2000).
On the July 18 1918 the French and the Americans made their counter attacked on the Germans. Using three divisions the allies succeed in breaking the German lines. Within 26 hours one division took several weapons, prisoners and ammunition from the German armies. The Americans had big role in the allies’ victory in the second battle of the Marne.
There were many weapons used in WWI, they each had a purpose during the war. There was a lot of close combat in WWI and for that reason is why bayonets were an important weapon to have. Many men in the war were forced to use their bayonets in life or death situations. When it came time to use your bayonet, you were either out of ammo and in close range of the enemy or looking to consume the ammunition you had, by using your bayonet at the given moment. Pistols were another weapon used to as a secondary option. Pistols were used when fighting in a close area and typically out of rifle or machine gun ammo.
Rifles and machine guns were mostly used by the men fighting in WWI. The rife was a great weapon to use in the trenches, but it was also a great long distance weapons as well. The British used a bolt action rifle that could fire 15 rounds per minute and hit a target up to 1400 meters away. Machine guns were an even better weapon to use against the enemy. The machine guns did require an extra person to operate but they did 10 times the damage of a rifle.Just a hand full of machine guns could take out a whole platoon of soldiers with a great effectiveness.
Mortars were also a very powerful weapon used in WWI. A mortar was an indirect fire, which could be used from long distances. Mortars took several men to operate and were not always accurate, butwhen on target could cause some serious damage to the enemy. Gas was another weapon used my soldiers of WWI, the Germans tried to use a chlorine gas but realized how unstable the weapon really was after a few uses. Mustard gas was also used during the war, a nasty weapon that caused blistering skin, internal and external bleeding (World War one weapons 2000).
What I believe to be one of the coolest weapons used in WWI was the flame thrower. The flamethrower was used to launch burning fuel at the enemy. The Germans used it first during the war, against the French. Some of the good flame throwers could shoot a stream as far as 50 yards (Flamethrowers and Snipers in WW1 2009). A weapon that had its first chance in combat was the tank. The tank was built to cope with the western front conditions. The tank could cause serious damage and was very hard to stop but the tank...

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