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Security Issue In The Asia Pacific Region

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Security issue in the Asia-Pacific region

I choose the security issue in the Asia-Pacific region as my study topic because the activity of cultural communication and politics has great effects in secure problem. America, China and Japan own respective national identity, cultural ideology and attitude toward the Asia-Pacific region and all of them are one of the largest economical powerful countries. Especially, America, as the largest economical powerful country, concern seriously about the economic development of Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, there are a few of cultural politics such as military, different ideology and different cultural background, influence the safety of economic ...view middle of the document...

Following the Marxist theory, the bourgeoisie in every country plays an important role in production and consumption to exploit the market. Namely, the proletariat becomes usually the victims of the exploitation of capitalists. Thus, the revolution from the proletariat happened in history, which refers to the proletariat fights with the bourgeoisie. Considered here, Marxism claims the proletariat is not willing to be dominated by the bourgeoisie. In detail, they hate the greedy, ruthless domination from the upper class such as the bourgeoisie and feudal monarch. Also, Karl Marx claims, at the end of The Communist Manifesto, ‘the proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.’ Therefore, Karl Marx’s words cause panics between the Communism countries and the Capitalism countries.
Focusing on the logic, the U.S. labeled capitalism country is not willing to see China labeled communism country, who dominates parts of global market. Especially, China becomes stronger than before. Japan, labeled capitalism country, worries seriously about China Threat Theory, in relation to The Communist Manifesto, happened. In term of the New York Times (2013), it reported that ‘The United States and Japan commonly organize a strongly military to surveillance China and North Korea and prevent their territory from China and North Korea’s aggression and vice versa.’ The phenomenon seems like the beginning of the Cold War such as the period of the U.S verse The Soviet Union.
Besides the social system makes the conflict between China and the U.S, there are still some reasons to put China into controversial position, which refers to China threat theories. First, the territorial issues in Diaoyu islands cause more panics between China and Japan. Second, the cultural industries are always influencing mass media and sharp the public value to defense outsides tension and stress. Third, it is the Third Plenum of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China that highlights to develop economy rather than violence and aggression to fight the world. Also, Althusser said Marxism is kind of false consciousness. In other words, both the bourgeoisie and the proletarian are parts of economic structure and construct social hierarchy together. Therefore, the third point completely opposite the first and the second points. The third point refers to enhance the security in the Asia-Pacific region. The second and the first points refer to threat the security in the Asia-Pacific region.
In recent years, Diaoyu islands ---- called Senkaku in Japan, in the East China Sea has had a significant American attention in Asian’s economical and secure problems. Diaoyu islands’ problem cause more tension and dangerous relationship between China and Japan. Meanwhile, America is also involved with the Diaoyu islands problem. Such Diaoyu islands problem can result in so many panics among America, China and Japan. There are some very important factors...

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