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Security Policy Outline

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Richman Investments – Multi-layered Security Solutions Outline

In today’s technological landscape, securing information is a high priority. There are many ways that a company’s assets can be compromised. In order to maintain a high level of confidence in the safety of information, actions to secure each domain in the network structure shall be implemented and observed. The following outline shows the strategies taken to mitigate risks, threats and vulnerabilities. This outline is subject to change at any time if the situation arises that new risks and threats are revealed. This outline will be subjected to monthly auditing to ensure the highest level of security.
The layers of security that will be covered are as follows:
1. User Domain
2. Workstation Domain
3. LAN (Local Area Network) Domain
4. LAN-to-WAN (Wide Area Network) Domain
5. WAN Domain (Internet and Connectivity)
6. Remote Access Domain
7. System/Application Domain
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b) Enable second-level identity checks for access to sensitive systems and programs
c) Define a strict software vulnerability policy requiring quick software patching
d) Require network keys for Wireless LAN access
4. LAN-to-WAN Domain
a) Disable pinging and port scanning for all external devices within the domain.
b) Apply strict security monitoring controls for intrusion detection and prevention
c) Secure ports by using virtual and/or physical firewalls
d) Define strict zero-day vulnerability policies to ensure security fixes and software patches are updated right away
e) Apply file transfer monitoring to identify unknown file types
f) Apply e-mail server and attachment antivirus
g) Conduct post configuration penetration tests to examine if there are any vulnerabilities
5. WAN Domain
a) Apply AUP in accordance to RFC 1087
b) Prohibit the use of social media and private communications that are not related to company business
c) Apply use of VPN tunnels for end-to-end encrypted communication
d) Scan all e-mails and attachments for malicious software

6. Remote Access Domain
a) Require proper anti-virus scanning software to be enabled for end users using Remote Access to the network
b) Require password authentication for VPN access to the network. Password should not be stored onto the machine being used
c) Apply automatic blocking for multiple logon retries
d) Apply first and second level authentication tokens
e) Require all data to be encrypted
f) Apply real-time lockout procedures if end user reports that equipment has been lost or stolen. This also applies if token or authentication is also stolen.
7. System/Application Domain
a) When designing and developing software, apply secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) tactics
b) Keep physical and logical virtual environments separate
c) Prepare and periodically review a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to ensure proper recovery of mission-critical applications and data
d) Require proper authentication tokens for access
e) Implement offsite storage of data backups
f) Conduct rigorous software and Web-application testing
g) Schedule and perform critical server maintenance

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