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My previous individual paper written on the last company I worked for was written about the previous pediatrics practice I was employed by. While some might think that there are few ways to market a medical practice, a few things came to mind when I really started to think about the different types of products and services the practice provided.
Product and Pricing Strategies
During my early months at the practice, not much thought was put into why people came into our office. I know word of mouth goes a long way, so I figured parents talk to one another, and suggest pediatricians as well as advice on parenting, etc. One of the biggest things that come to mind about this practice is that they offer a lower cash price to parents that do not have insurance and have to pay for their children(s) visit. Our office provides a discounted ...view middle of the document...

Another great addition to the practice was adding in walk-in hours for parents that had to work the typical 9-5 job, and could not take time off. During walk-in hours, we opened our doors from 5:00-7:00 pm. This allowed the typical 9-5 parent to make and come to appointments without leaving work. This was a huge success in the office.
During my employment at the pediatrics office, I thought of several ways that I would implement changes for the better. The first one I would implement would be online scheduling. Hiring an experienced company to come in and change the scheduling infrastructure would allow the ease of patients scheduling and changing appointments. This would put more power in the hands of the patient/parent and would free up the front desk employees to tend to the patients that are already there at the office. Another thing that could be implemented would be a poster in the waiting room, letting parents knows what different types of services we offer. Most parents did not know we offered allergy testing because it is only listed on our website and nowhere else. How many times do you check your physician’s website? Probably not that often. Encouraging more visual items displaying our services and incorporating social media into the practice would help tremendously.
As a practice that is 50 years old and the founder is still the boss, it is slightly harder to suggest new, fresh ideas that the older generation can grasp and implement. With ever-changing technology, it is imperative to keep up with the times. Discounts on cash paying customers, online scheduling and using social media/visual aids are a few ways that we could get more customers to walk in the doors. The ease of combining appointments also appeals to parents that are working the typical 9-5 job. Keeping up with parenting trends is essential for the owners of any practice. The end goal for the practice is to make and maintain patient/physician rapport.

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