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Selecting A Project Team Essay

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Selecting a Project Team
Joseph E. Parker Jr.
Colorado Technical University Online
Instructor: H. Wegwerth
January 11, 2011

Selecting a Project Team
My manager has made me his selection to fill the position of Project Manager for the implementation for LRH Manufacturing’s new training program. My focus now will be to organize a strong project team to help me in coordinating and put into operation this training plan. The Marketing Department is willing to assign Jonathan to the project team, being that he has a high level of competence in the subject matter at hand, as well as the availability to commit his time and efforts to. I will have to approach Jonathan with a ...view middle of the document...

In deciding what tasks will each member be assigned to I will try and match skills and proficiencies with the task assignment. I already know Jonathan’s area of expertise so I will most assuredly allow him some leeway in the way he completes his responsibilities to the team and the overall project. This approach, I hope, will show Jonathan how much his knowledge and skills are respected by me.
Before I make final selections for the project team, I want to carry out one-on-one sessions with those individuals to explain the project and the goals and objectives to successfully bring closure to the project. During these sessions I will be afforded the opportunity to evaluate the attitudes and skill levels of these candidates so I can formulate how my managerial approach will need to be toward each individual team member. Also in keeping a general democratic and open leadership approach, I will initiate a round table forum with the selected members to charter a consensus agreement for guidelines and rules for all members to follow during the life cycle of the project.
Jonathan and the whole project team will be explained to about the benefits that they will receive for their participation on this project. This project will give rise to new knowledge and team building skills to each member’s portfolio, but it will also give them recognition to LRH’s Senior Management team that can be most beneficial in their career paths at our organization.
The project itself will also receive benefits from Jonathan and the other team members through their dedication and commitment to complete a successful project. Jonathan and his colleagues will bring on board a high level of knowledge and skills that will increase the probability of a grand training program that the whole organization at LRH Manufacturing will be able to participate and take pride in. I expect...

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