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Selecting Security Countermeasures April Essay

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The services that are running on this network would be file and printer sharing for the desktops. The File and print servers. I do not doubt that the two servers on this network are servers however they are not operating as servers. This most likely a workgroup where all resources are shared with every other resource. The service that is utilized for these workstations to communicate is called Netbeui Pronounced net-booey, NetBEUI is short for NetBios Extended User Interface. It is an enhanced version of the NetBIOS protocol used by network operating systems such as LAN Manager, LAN Server, and Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 and Windows NT. It is utilized in workgroup networks to ...view middle of the document...

The network of switches they must have a Collision prevention Protocol installed on them to prevent collision domains: such as Spanning Tree Protocol by Cisco, or Hewlett Packard's Intelligent Resilient Framework. A collision detection protocol is a logical framework that dynamically blocks links between switches so that there aren’t any loops in the network. A loop is an occurrence when multiple switches are transmitting data on the same LAN at the same time to every other switch on the LAN at the same time. Ideally speaking this protocol prevents loops from occurring by managing which ports can talk and which cannot. Finally port security must be implemented on these switches so that if an attacker were able to enter our datacenter he would not be able to connect just any device to one of our switches and get on our LAN.
Now as it pertains to the network expansion we are basically introducing this company to a corporate internet infrastructure for the first time. So the last service that will no longer be needed would be whatever type of internet service that they were using. How this company accessed the internet prior to this proposed upgrade is not given.

This solution would in most cases may not have been very secure. In light of this we must plan this...

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