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Selection Of Refractories For Metallurgical Furnace

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Metallurgical electric furnace is mainly scrap steel as the main raw material and steel-making. The scrap, lime, etc. to the furnace, the power, the electrode and the scrap between the arc and heating charge, metallurgy spare parts for a series of metallurgical chemical reactions, the scrap steel into steel. EAF mainly DC arc furnace, AC arc furnace and induction furnace and so on.
Refractories for direct current arc furnaces
There are three basic types of DC arc furnaces, ABB, Clecim and GHH. Different types of DC arc furnaces are classified according to the structure of the bottom electrode, which shows the importance of the bottom electrode. The bottom electrode of the ABB type DC ...view middle of the document...

For the steel needle or steel bottom electrode conductive type of DC electric arc furnace, steel needle or between the steel with dry material, but also made of prefabricated parts, mainly magnesia refractories. In order to improve the life, now useful in Japan MgO-C material. It is impossible to raise the life of the bottom electrode significantly by improving the performance of the refractory. Therefore, the metallurgical spare parts abroad in recent years to carry out the hot work, the use of hot feed requirements are conductive refractories (the conductive steel needle and steel buried), mainly mahogany conductive ramming material, magnesium carbon conductive ramming Materials, magnesium calcium carbonate conductive ramming expected.
Standard Specification for Refractories for Alternating Current Arc Furnaces
AC arc furnace refractory early use of tar magnesite or brine magnesia knotting material ramming into the bottom, and then more use of magnesia brick and low-grade magnesia brick brick masonry, to the 20th century 90 years, China began to use the bottom of the magnesium-calcium-iron Department of dry vibrating ramming material. Metallurgical spare parts It is simple and convenient construction, without baking, construction is good, can be directly used in steelmaking. The material is Mg-Ca-Fe series dry vibrating ramming compound. Use it contains low-melting point of calcium ferrite, when heated to UOO'C or more, can quickly sintered to produce strength. In the molten steel under the hydraulic sintering rapid contraction, the contraction of 4% -5%, the bulk density increased to 3.0 ycm3 above, with a particularly good anti-erosion and good use of the results.
General small electric arc furnace wall refractories mainly used asphalt magnesium bricks, magnesia carbon brick, magnesia fill charge. For high-power high-power electric furnace, electric furnace wall with high-quality magnesium carbon brick, especially the slag and hot spots with very high performance of high-quality magnesium carbon brick, furnace wall repair is mainly used Magnesian gunning material. Its role is to heat and protect the environment, in order to prevent dust escape. Metallurgical spares have strong thermal shock and erosion on the arc-covered lid area when the arc radiation and the electrode are pulled out and inserted in the range of more than 2000 , resulting in a great thermal stress which further...

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