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Getting into the field of counseling is path that directly correlates with my passion; helping others. It has been a natural habit for me since my youth to be motivated by giving others guidance and clarity through different types of obstacles and challenges. Earning my degree will be one of the final steps I will need to reach my career goals and ambitions. I would
Like to open up a consulting firm that handles direct services of counseling to people. I would like to specialize in child and family counseling and have a network of counselors working for me, servicing other population's needs.
My 10 year experience working directly with at-risk youth in a school setting, help me gain a ...view middle of the document...

These are hurdles that I enjoy facing head on to learn how to overcome them.

An example of working through some of my insecurities and weaknesses and using it to help me grow was for 3 years I worked with a trans-gender student. This was my first experience directly involved with a student of this sexual orientation. Initially, I was taken aback by this student, whose records and outward appearance would have one assume that \ they were a young man; however they identified and dressed themselves as a young woman. \
I had to adjust my approach and be more conscious of my demeanor and tone. My student was very sensitive to how people perceived, spoke, and viewed him. He felt that if you reprimanded him for behavior or if he wasn't getting his way, he would accuse you of being biased because of his gender identity. This would make him very defensive. My challenge was to recognize his defensive tactics, embrace his selected gender identity, and work on gaining his trust so he could begin to be more successful in the class. I developed a relationship with his foster parents; who were a lesbian couple and allowed them to teach me resources and skills to enhance the interaction...

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