Self Awareness Essay

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Self-Awareness Video Analysis
BSHS 465: Professional Development and Identity
By: Crystal D. Martin
September 24, 2016
Instructor: Kelli Gary

Self-Awareness Video Analysis
Each and every professional regardless of their profession has a goal to be and become the very best they can be. It’s certainly not about what’s on the outside. Nor is it about what’s on the inside. In fact; it’s not even about a reputation, a brand, or even a persona as for say. What it is really all about in reality is; the reality of who you truly are. In order to reach great success not only in ...view middle of the document...

By doing this we can have positive impacts on other’s lives. It is also very important as a human service professional to keep an open mind and be sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others.
Being secure as well as aware of what we feel and think results in good health and happiness which happens to be something that all professionals should be mindful of. When we take it upon ourselves to recognize things within ourselves such as things we like or don’t like, different beliefs and feelings that we have; it is only then that we can build a solid understanding of ourselves. This motivates us to develop a positive outlook and a higher self-esteem and in return allows us to have a higher purpose for life. We can only begin to help another person if we are present with ourselves in spirit, body, and mind.
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence is defined as how well any one person can monitor and read their own emotions as well as others. This helps us to make improvements in our overall relationship maintenances, make improvements in mental health, and aide in increasing job performance. Emotional intelligence is very closely intact with empathy and relates to knowing who you are as a leader.
Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Human Service Profession
As a human service professional; it is very important to have good physical health. This refers to the ability to care for our own bodies including knowing how to manage stress effectively. Our overall health has a great impact on our emotional state of mind.
Emotional intelligence is also important in the way of our mental well-being. This looks at how different things affect our outlook on life as well as our attitudes about different situations along the way. Someone working in the human service profession must avoid having mood swings and depression type issues being that they are required to constantly assist others. Those who have emotional intelligence are looked at as those who have great capabilities in having positive attitudes all the time. In return they also are rewarded with happier outlooks on life as a whole. A professional who is having depressive feelings isn’t likely to be as successful as a professional who is positive.
Emotional intelligence also plays an important role in human services in the way of building solid and trustworthy relationships with their clients. When we are able to better understand and control our emotions; we can communicate them in much more effective and proper ways. Having the ability to understand our client’s needs, responses to different situations, and feelings we can build the necessary relationship to assist with problem resolution.
This leads us to the next important for emotional intelligence in human services; conflict resolution. As a professional; if we can put ourselves in our client’s given situation we can then begin to better understand how we can help them resolve some of these...

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