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     Self-evaluation is definitely the most difficult type of criticism to receive. When
you are hearing your faults from other people they usually go in one ear and out the other,
but when you take a step back and realize for yourself that something needs to be changed
within your personality, is it when you truly do something about it. I have a problem with
allowing myself to become attached to girls that I have crushes on. I dream about how
things could be and I imagine a relationship inside my head far before there is even a
chance. I also tend to take any sign of affection as a girl having a “thing” for me. These
behaviors are what need to be changed, it has become detrimental to my social life and
something needs to be done.
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     After that I will try and move in the direction of starting a relationship but in the
process I tend to fantasize that things are better than they are and I see us being happy and
her as my girlfriend. This always tends to pose a problem because it ends up that I like
this girl a whole lot more than she likes me, not only does this sometimes scare girls but it
also makes me feel bad. The conclusions I draw from these experiences are that I am
either ugly, undateable, or that a girl like this would just never go for a guy like me. That
always makes me feel depressed.
     What I can do to change this behavior I have was to first acknowledge that I had
it. After admitting it I can try and realize what I am doing before I let myself get in too
deep with a girl and hopefully not mess everything up and get myself hurt. Another option
I have is to maybe talk to a counselor about how I feel and listen to what they say and
have them help me be able to handle these simple relationships.
     With enough help and by me realizing the problem that I have, I feel that I should
hopefully be able to have a normal relationship or at least not obsess over girls anymore. I
would love to be able to just meet someone and have a normal, meaningful relationship
without screwing it up. When I meet a new girl I will just try and be her friend and not
assume anything until there is conclusive evidence to prove that she digs me back. I can
not keep assuming things with girls and liking them way more than they like me.
     Never again will I allow myself to fall so hard for a girl, it hurts too much to have
to take the pain over and over again. No one will get me like this again, I have learned
and now it is time to change.

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