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Self-Leadership is basically the practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and behaviors to strive towards your goals. Self-Leadership have a drive for autonomy, can make decisions, are more creative and persist, even in the face of adversity.
Some of the intentional behaviors that characterize self-leadership are; self-awareness, self-goal setting, self-motivation, positive self-talk, assertive communication and the ability to receive and act on feedback. Becoming a Self-leader and maintaining Self-leadership is a self-development activity.
According to John Maxwell, self-leadership isn’t really a simple task. Most importantly the most difficult task in self-leadership is to lead ourselves because he believes that by leading ...view middle of the document...

Being at the top and lead people doesn’t mean that we have nothing to sacrifice. Being a leader makes us lose freedom.
To become a great leader, merely leading people isn’t enough. The essence of leadership is lead, but that doesn’t mean that leading people is enough, we should first develop ourselves and lead ourselves because if you don’t follow yourself, there’s no reason for people to follow you. Leading our self means that we have to lead yourself towards the right direction. And then thirdly, you develop others and you lead them.
But it doesn’t end here, a leader couldn’t exist on their own. What we meant by this is that after you develop and lead others, the next thing we do is to lead others to lead others. During this process, this is the phase where leadership multiplies. This process is never ending. To become an effective leader, we have to be clearly aware of the word equip. Equip stands for evaluate, qualify, invest and provide resources and experiences. We have to be able to lead people and equip them with all this terms to become a successful leader.
John Maxwell added that when he heard the word leader, attitude came to his mind. Attitude is crucial for a leader. Attitude determines how you see yourself, because it is true that you cannot go any higher than how you see yourself. People won’t earn success way beyond their self-image or how they see themselves or eventually you’ll get pulled down. It also determines how they see others, and he believes that we cannot go any higher than our belief in people. It also determines how you see your business, because you cannot go any higher than your dream for your career. Lastly, it also determines how you see your failures. Because you cannot go any higher than your willingness to get back up.

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