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The circumstance in which semiotics are translated by humans occurs in many different variations. A broad definition comes from Umberto Eco, who said this 'semiotics is concerned with everything that can be taken as a sign' (Eco 1976, 7). Semiotics undertakes the application of viewing what we accredit as 'signs' in everyday speech, as well as anything which 'stands for' something else. It involves looking at all processes of information’s exchanges as far as signs are involved. Its quite complex as humans have the ability to communicate in many different forms, ranging from talk, text, smell, write, sing and body language. There is a primary hypothesis that ‘All symbolic systems in a ...view middle of the document...

As Metz explained ‘… film expresses itself to its audience which constitutes a language, however it cannot constitute a linguistic system’(Metz 1974, 51). Although Christian Metz based his work on Barthes model it was he himself, who became very well known for his use of semiology to analyse and critique cinema. Semiotics is a unique area and has many different ways to convey messages to people. However as no two people are a like, every person interprets it differently from their counterpart this is why semiotics is such a complex area

Each day of our lives we use signs in media, we are continually using multiple forms of physical media in communicating. People speak or write about a movie, we view the news that interprets an event in the way they see it, people all sit down together and watch a sitcom however this requires the base knowledge of the codes for this genre. The vast amount media and genres provide multiple areas for allowing experience, starting some forms of expression and inhibiting others. The vast...

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