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Senior Research Paper

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Many people see praise dancing as people in front of the church dancing. It's more than just people standing in front of a church, there's a connection between the dancer, music, and God. Praise dancing is a personal expression of praise to God. Whether you are giving thanks or asking for a blessing it is a good way to express your emotions. Praise dancing is a very personal type of worship and a type of dance. All this makes me wonder is praise dancing an art of entertainment or is it just entertainment?
As an audience member it is easier to see what the dancer or dancers are trying to portray by their choice of music. Slow songs are usually very intimate testimonies from the singer that ...view middle of the document...

If you are doing a happy dance and you are dancing without a smile or any type of emotion the audience is going to wonder, “What’s wrong with them? This is supposed to be a happy song why do they look like they are don’t want to be here.” Throughout the Bible dancing is used to portray joy, sorrow, even a spiritual connection with God. In the Bible, David said “Let them praise His name with dancing, and "make music to Him” (New International Version, Psalms 149:3). Even though it isn’t about what people think. It matters that you have to keep in mind that you are dancing for God.
Whenever I praise dance I try to let the words and my movements portray my feelings. It's best to let the words tell the story because that makes it easier for the audience to understand. If you show an emotional connection your audience will also understand what is being portrayed. I want to make sure that the audience feels the emotion intended with the song.
Nowadays , most praise dancers just dance just to do it. They don't allow themselves to get all the way involved in what they're doing. As I'm analyzing everything around me I still have no true answer to my question. It's like every possible answer is running laps around my question. So I decided that I was going to teach a group of girls a praise...

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