Senior Thesis How To Improve The Environment

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The world is a place for everyone and everything to live comfortably. In order to fulfill this comfort that we are supposed to have, we have to keep a healthy environment. Everything that everyone does affects the environment, in good and bad ways. There are things that go unnoticed in everyday life that needs to be looked at more seriously in order to improve the environment. Recognizing and correcting the problem and promoting the positive aspects will ultimately improve the environment. In order to maintain a healthy environment, society must become aware of how day-to-day activities impact the environment and they also need to be ready to approach and change such ...view middle of the document...

The more pollution that gets emitted into the air and water, the more harmful toxins will be exposed to the population. Air and water pollution can cause a numerous kinds of cancers and diseases that can be fatal. Air and water are basic essential needs for everyone so ultimate protection of these should be something that everyone wants to strive for. Although the immediate effects of protecting the environment may not be seen automatically or even in our lifetime, your great-great-great grandchildren will appreciate it. The future generations will hopefully learn about the past environment issues and they will see what efforts were put into protecting the environment. (EcoAdmirer) This is our home after all, and if we want our future generations to live healthy, we must take precautions to protecting out environment.

This concern for the environment has been around forever. There have been numerous myths that the problems in our environment started from media. The starting factor in that statement was from Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring.” This book was about DDT and how it had been entering the food stream and effecting animals, humans, and crops. The myths that followed were about how these issues in the environment were just responses to changes in science and technology and that they were not serious trends. (Environmental History Research) Research through history then indicated that this issue of the environment started way before the sixties, when Rachel Carson’s book was written.
The very first environmental issue was noticed in 1775 when it was observed that cancer could be caused from being exposed to the soot of chimney sweeps. The first book on record of the destruction of modern life is “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau. In 1851, after Thoreau’s book had success, he started lectures and teaching people about modern life and said that, “in Wildness is the preservation of the World.” From then on there were parks and forests opened and new laws and acts placed that would help in preserving them. Along with the upcoming of new parks, there was an increase in animal life. With this animal life came new laws on protecting different animal nesting sites and laws limiting the destruction the animal population. (Wildglobe)
A big step in environmental improvement was the building of the Hoover Dam, or the Boulder Canyon project, in 1928. This started irrigation, electric power, and flood control to western United States. Following the Hoover Dam, the Tennessee Valley Authority improved the Tennessee River to provide flood control, and, in turn, improve power, agriculture, and forestry. Job creation was a side benefit as well. The Civilian Conservation Corps employed over two million people in all the different fields. With having more people on board with these projects, needs of the land was addressed while boosting the economy. (Wildglobe)
In 1948, The Postwar Period, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act was...

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