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September 11th Conspiracy Theories Essay

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On September 11th, 2001, four American Airlines flights were hijacked. All of the planes were full of passengers. One aircraft crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, one hit the Pentagon, and the other two hit the World Trade Center in New York City. Most Americans remember where they were when they this malicious series of events happened, and the shocking feeling they had when they heard the news. When this first happened most people were scared for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It was not until later that people started to ask questions about who was behind these events. Allegedly, a number of terrorists affiliated with the group Al-Qaeda ...view middle of the document...

They would have had to been set deliberately, because there were many of them that all ignited at the same time.
Many people wanted to know why the buildings fell at all. The steel that held the World Trade Center together was very thick and powerful. The steel would have begun to melt and weaken at 2800 degrees Fahrenheit. When jet fuel is burned, the maximum temperature it can get to is around 1500 degrees. Clearly the steel frame of the building is very unlikely to collapse as it did with such low temperatures on it.
There are all these suspicious facts and occurrences about the attacks on the World Trade Center but eventually people wanted to know if there were any odd or suspicious occurrences at the Pentagon where the third air plane had allegedly crashed.
The first thing noticed about the Pentagon was something fairly obvious that everyone found very perplexing. There was very little debris from the plane and the building where the plane crashed. There should have been atleast some recognizable pieces of the plane like the wings, some seats, or certain cabin features but there was nothing around the crash sight except a large, blunt, hole in the side of the Pentagon that looked as though it was covered in small pieces of garbage. There were no large pieces of an airplane and building.
Some skeptics believe that the Pentagon was never hit by an airplane at all, their reasoning being because of so little debris at the collision point and because of the type of damage the Pentagon was left with. Military weapons experts say the hole in the Pentagon looks very similar to that of damage done with small missiles used in the military called “Cruise” missiles. The hole in the Pentagon was around 80 feet wide when the 757 passenger flight was 154 feet wide and bowing at a angle could cause a hole 170 feet wide. This is an odd fact to say the least.
All the peculiar findings at the Pentagon led skeptics to asking questions about the commercial airliner that crashed in the field in Pennsylvania. This was flight 93, which is well known for the heroic actions that went on inside the air plane before it went down. Most family members and friends of passengers on Flight 93 report getting phone calls from the those on board. In the phone recordings the passengers were telling them how terrorists had hijacked the plane and planned to crash it into the White House. Of course the plane did not crash into the White House or it would have probably been as widely known as the World Trade Center occurrence. What the general public was told is that a large group of the passengers overcame the terrorists by physical force and caused them to crash in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. There is not a lot skeptics can say about this crash site being odd or something being out of place. The damage was clear, the phone recordings of loved ones calling their family members were released to the public and clearly not a false acted out recording. But still, of...

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