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Serenity Of The Field Essay

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As I drive up the hill, passing the mailbox and the meticulously groomed lawn, I find myself taking on a transformation. I breathe a sigh of relief and feel the tension drain from my body in anticipation of seeing "my place." As I turn the corner I see it, to anyone else it just looks like a simple field. But to me, it is my sanctuary that I can escape from the hectic world. This is where I can relax and feel like I’m a kid again. In my field, for a short while time stops, and I don’t have to worry what needs done next. This place also holds many wonderful memories as well as making new ones each year.

The field right next to my mom’s house and this is an area where I grew up, living ...view middle of the document...

But back then, we fought over who would be the lucky one to wear the tattered Kermit the Frog puppet when we played our favorite game. This occurred at night when we would catch lightening bugs and put them in an old mayo jar with tiny holes poked in the lid. When we finally caught enough for the task at hand, we would fight over who would be the one to wear the puppet. Then the bugs would be carefully transferred from the jar to the puppet’s mouth and skillfully squished all at once. We would all laugh in delight to see the glow of Kermit’s mouth as he danced up and down on the chosen one’s hand. This game would occur every night in the field until there weren’t any more bugs left to catch and we moved on by playing other games, which usually took place in the field as well.

The field was a prime spot to lie on a soft blanket and gaze at all of the stars shining like candles flickering in the clear night sky. This is also the area from which we still watch the annual Fourth of July fireworks and where "all of the guys" miraculously survive the fireworks display of their own. They take hours setting up the fireworks on the homemade stands that are charred from the previous years. After the tables are filled with the food that friends and family bring. It doesn’t take long for it all to disappear, except for my aunt’s green bean casserole that she brings each year. Then it gets dark and we watch the fireworks from on top of the hill, away from the...

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