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Service Request 022 Riordan Manufacturing Section 1

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Service Request 022 Riordan Manufacturing Section 1

Service Request 022 Riordan Manufacturing Section 1
This service request has been called for by the COO of Riordan Manufacturing, Hugh McCauley. The HR department within Riordan is looking to integrate a more sophisticated and state of the art information system. This may be done by implementing a multitude of existing tools into a single application, which in turn, will most likely help in improving the bottom line of the company.
Within any new system implementation within a company, there will be a list of stakeholders involved in the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). These involved stakeholders ...view middle of the document...

CFO – Dale Edgel makes sure that the accounting, finance, and HR departments function in accordance with company values to achieve the company’s key results.

CIO/Chief IS/IT Officer of Organization – Maria Trinh will be the key in the upgrade, implementation and success of the new HR system within Riordan. Her main objective within the company is to develop strategies for their information systems based on long term corporate goals.

Chief Legal Counsel – Lowell Bradford experience is advising the corporation concerning legal rights, obligations, and privileges.

Information Gathering & Analysis Tools

It is important during this process to not overlook any information available. The requirements will have to meet expectations of the organization and the employees that will be using the system. To begin this stage in the process and the gathering of information, it should consist of identifying information sources. The main sources of information within Riordan will be the employees who use the current system and who will also be the employees using the newly implemented system. These employees are the direct line to efficiency and will be able to offer their ideas on what works, has worked, and will work. They are able to point out the good, the bad, and the ugly of the current system while offering valuable insight to what to avoid in the new. Along with these employees, another source of information will be any forms or documents that were used in the old system. Examples would be accreditation files or system requirement paperwork. This could also include procedure manuals, instruction guides, rule books, and any reports in accordance with this department. Once these sources are identified by the analysts involved in the SDLC of this overhaul, it will then be easier for them to determine the current system’s problem areas as presented by the employees who have used the system. From this information they can develop the SRS (Systems Requirements Specification). This is a tool that is used by analysts to help in determining what requirements will be provided while helping in the overall design of the system. The SRS should be complete, specify operational, tactical, and strategic information requirements. It should eliminate possible arguments between the users and analysts. It should use aids easily understood by users who are not technologically savvy.
Techniques In Gathering Requirements
There are multiple techniques in gathering information successfully. By interviewing, using discussion or focus groups, or investigate “use case” scenarios. Interviewing will involve most employees in upper management down to operational staff. Focus groups allow for the analysts to see how information is transferred from each department. It is impossible for a single employee to know what happens to the information they gather once it is then processed and...

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