Service Request Sr Rm 019 Essay

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Service Request SR-rm-019
Ian Maley, Travis Cooper, Charles Nelson Truett
NTC 360
November 11, 2011
Angela Young

Service Request SR-rm-019
Riordan Manufacturing, a Fortune 1000 enterprise and owned by Riordan Industries. The organization established by Dr. Riordan has received a number of patents. The patents relate with developing polymers into high tensile strength plastic substrates. During 1992 Dr. Riordan bought a fan manufacturing facility in Pontiac, Michigan. During 1993, he developed into the plastic beverage storage units. For the plastic beverage storage units manufacturing, he bought one more manufacturing facility in Albany, Georgia. During 2000, Dr. Riordan ...view middle of the document...

They have three Nortel Baystack 107 10BT Hubs which link their 45 Compaq Desktop Computer systems.
China links to the head office with a VOIP/Data Router as well as uses a Gateway/Switch to get in touch the factory to Ethernet 100 base T. They are using a Router T1 to get in touch with the outside network. They have 40 IP telephones which link to the Ethernet. Regarding switches, they have got two 24 port Cisco 5950.
The use of VOIP offers advantages, for example communication cost and quality effectiveness by using present links, even though in some situations VOIP is less reliable. The main benefit of using a VOIP exceeds the drawbacks.
At the existing time, the organization is using three different Cisco Routers. Only the head office and China are using Ethernet. The other two factories are using Nortel Baystack Switches to link to the head office. The systems require a major improvement which requires the equipment being the same at each place.

Network Protocols
Riordan Manufacturing presently has got all data transfers operating on or via the Internet using TCP/IP network protocols. Riordan’s Corporate Head office is in San Jose and offices out to three other factories all over the country in addition to one in China. Within the Corporate office, the communications system is made up of four Cisco 5950 switches as well as two Data/Voice routers linked by T1 networking, which uses several of the protocols currently available. In Albany, GA, communication is made up of three Cisco 5950 switches, a Cisco router as well as a 48 port panel which links by TCP/IP protocols all over the whole factory. Three panels link to three different hubs. In Pontiac, MI, the hubs connect with a Cisco router all through the TCP/IP networking protocol. The servers after that link to the hubs allowing the production floor to get access to the documents as well as resources required daily. The offshore factory in Hangzhou, China works off three Cisco switches linked into two hubs and the VoIP/Data routers. Just like corporate, Hangzhou, China's factory is also accomplished using the TCP/IP networking protocol, which also use several of the protocols currently available.
TCP/IP is two different protocols with the same requirements designed for transfer of data on the networks. TCP is in the 4th layer of the OSI model, which is the transport layer that controls the movement of information between the transmitter and recipient of the network. IP, or Internet Protocol, is in the 3rd Layer of the OSI model that is accountable for preparing messages for delivery as well as converting network addresses into what is called physical or MAC addresses.
TCP/IP is also referred to as an open protocol considering it is a highly selected protocol used throughout the world these days. Interoperability is a key benefit of the TCP/IP Protocol. Size and speed are the two key drawbacks of the IP part of the TCP/IP Protocol because the more computer systems that connect to...

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