Service Request Sr Rm 022 Part 3 Essay

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Service Request SR-rm-022 Part 3

Implementaion for this design is where Riordan Manufacturing will find some challenges with some parts of the design that include the end user. Having a complete team of design analysts, IT Technicians, Business analysts, and end users working together cohesively is what will make the difference of having an efficient and successful program (Valacich, 2012). Moving through the entire phase of this project from start to finish will be cruicial to the teamwork aspect of this design. The new system implements a new automation that is built off of an IT platform. The departments involved in this is the HR resource management, and the IT department. The other ...view middle of the document...

This will give more time to cover more areas of each portion of the design because it is broken down into smaller sub sections. Moving from one stage to the next means that each step has been checked thoroughly and is completed.

When the design and development are in the completion stages, testing the system will need to be done before the system can be put before the end users for use. Testing the new system out is a way to truly if the system runs efficiently, or if it has some issues/bugs that need some fixing. In the system test phase the administrators are pretty much on stand by and will provide feedback on the validity of the new system.

During the installation stage, all old equipment, devices, applications and/or software are removed to make room the new system along with all of the equipment that goes along with it. At this point, all users of the new system will have had proper training and notification of what and when the installation is going to occur. If users have any prior documents on their current devices that they would like to keep, they will be required to save their files to Riordan’s internal server, in which they can add back to their new equipment.
Using the phase method during the installation process will define the system as being gradual (Valacich, 2012). Meaning, the system will be installed over a period of time. This will give the users time to adjust to the parts of the system one part at a time, opposed to having all parts of the systems put in front of them at one time. There can also be a part of the phase that can the new system can be phased into different departments of the organization. This is another part by part method of taking more time to install the program. This method will also allow the system desginers find any problems or issues they may have not known about before and give them time to fix them on a smaller scale before complete full installation.

Gathering all documentation of what has been done within the design will be used for current and future purposes. Current because if any mistakes are made, there is proper documentaion to correct it so...

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