Seven Communication Tips An Effective Leader Must Have

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Seven communication tips an effective leader must have

If persuasion is what you want, the email, voice mail, telephone and telefax are “poor” channels. If you want to put your workers on the vision trip, look into their eyes and tell them your mission.

Small things have great effects. For example, communication is something every Dick and Harry do. Yet, it carries such a great deterministic power that the success or failure of any union depends on its proper use! Bad or no communication trips collective balance and unleashes disintegration. For example, communication failure among European powers was essentially responsible for the outbreak of World War I, some historians say. ...view middle of the document...

Many leaders may agree that good communication results in successful transmission, acceptance, and understanding of information or a message. But some may frown at the idea that it must result in persuasion. Their experience won’t agree with this prediction. For, many a leader can remember various instances when communication fails to move people to any action leading to change. I won’t deny such a failure occurs. But, while some of the people may choose to shrug off the charm of effective communication, the majority often succumbs to it. The Bullet Theory of communication doesn’t always hold. But that doesn’t mean its claims are totally false. Other things being equal, when messages are communicated effectively, they catch.

It isn’t, however, my purpose to explore rare cases of communication failure. I’m out to share with you the factors of good communication that enhance organisational growth and stability. Factors that most leaders can testify play a crucial workplace role in calming storms, fuelling zeal and making the workforce go marching as to war.

Now, effective communication isn’t necessarily a function of eloquence or oratory. You don’t need to be a Cicero in order to be a good communicator-leader. Fluency does help; and eloquence can play the catalyst. But the effective communicator requires more than a gift of gab. A lot of wordsmiths with feline tongue and nimble pen are bad communicators. Figurative language, good phrasing and flawless grammar may count as inputs of good communication; but they are not the hub. To get anticipated results through communication in leadership, here are seven things you must do:

* Examine the message. Ensure that you prepare your message well. By this I mean: make it right in both content and context. Simple, it seems! But I’m not sure all leaders take all pains to tidy the content and context of their message before sending it. By content I mean the hard facts. By context I mean the human factors controlling delivery of the message. Certainly, not all leaders possess and apply the diligence of Winston Churchill that helps ensure an oral or written communication is strong, deep, sensible and credible enough to galvanise its audience. Churchill spent hours rewriting and rehearsing his speeches. No wonder, they contributed to Britain’s resilience and victory in World War II.

I guess every leader knows what he wants to say and gets the content right either on paper or in oral speech. But how many of us worry about how our message may impact the sensibilities of our audience? In delivering his message, the leader should consider the emotional intelligence of his audience, their capacity to receive, understand and react to dissonant messages without feeling dehumanised. Naturally, nobody suffers criticisms gladly. And everybody wants to hear what they like to hear. If you’re always hitting the people with the bullets of brutal facts, you can’t convince them...

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