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Managing Organizations and Leading People BIP Task 2
1a. Please See Attached Seven Habits Profile
2a. Evaluate Three Strengths of Your Leadership Practice Using a Scholarly
Leadership Theory.
This paper will review the results of my Self –Scoring Seven Habits Profile. After
completing this profile, I have additional information about how my leadership skills are and
what categories need improvement. I am using the Transformational Leadership theory to
compare my results to and also provide changes that are needed to become a better leader within
this theory. The Transformational Leadership theory includes criteria of behaviors that influence
the other’s ...view middle of the document...

I have always prided
myself on my ease of communication with others. For instance, I work with a team who
responds to correspondence received by insurance policy holders via email. Due to the
sensitivity of the issues that can be questioned, many times one of the team members will ask me
how to word the response to ensure that we don’t alienate the policy holder by relaying a feeling
of coldness or uncaring. While I’m not the supervisor of the team, my input is considered
valuable. Also to expound on that, since I can openly communicate with my team members they
don’t hesitate to come to me with questions whether it be for the response to a member, how to
correct an incorrect claim, or how to interpret a benefit. In exchange, when I do have a question,
my team members are happy to help me in return.
A second strength noticed while evaluating the Seven Habits Profile, is category 4 which
is Begin with the End in Mind. Part of the Transformational Leadership theory is to motivate
through inspiration (Hargis, Watt, & Piotrowski, 2011, p. 54). Even though category 4 is
included in the Independence habit, the work can be useful to inspire others which coincides with
the leadership theory. While I am a member of a team, I work from home as a remote agent and
must be able to work without supervision and on an alternative schedule compared to the typical
9-5 Monday through Friday employee. My work week actually starts on Saturday and lasts
through Tuesday. Anything not completed by Friday is assigned to me to complete. Our
company receives monetary penalties if the responses are not sent to the policy holders within a
certain time frame. We also have a quota that must be met hourly of 4 responses per hour. Our
vision is First Contact Resolution provided in a timely manner. During our weekly meetings our
supervisor likes to congratulate us on our achievements. Since my response quota averages
Managing Organizations and Leading People BIP Task 2 4
around 7 per hour instead of the required 4 per hour, I serve as an example and since I
communicate well with my team in a friendly manner and then try to pass on the techniques I use
to achieve that number which normally keeps resentment from occurring.
The third strength noticed on the Seven Habits Profile is the 6th category which is Think
Win-Win. This category is also included in the Interdependence habit. Part of the
Transformational Leadership theory is being aware of other’s specific circumstances (Hargis,
Watt, & Piotrowski, 2011, p. 54). My strength can be shown by explaining a recent situation
within the team which helped to resolve some conflict while keeping their situation in mind.
From January through September of this year our responses to our members were significantly
behind. Instead of being answered within a 2 -3 day time frame the average timing was around
10 days which was unacceptable. Our...

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