Seven Reasons Why Xerox Should Be Motivated To Diversify Their Workforce

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Review Questions
2. What are the seven reasons why Xerox should be motivated to diversify their workforce? Illustrate how Xerox shows it values workplace diversity.
The reasons why Xerox should be motivated to diversify their workforce is more talent will be employed at Xerox if employees of all cultures and race are hired because diversity is a key to achieving critical business results. Furthermore, there will be more knowledge sharing employees can share cultural traits, market demographics and help develop companies develop robust knowledge management and market intelligence systems that create productive people and an innovative company by recognizing and respecting diversity and ...view middle of the document...

Besides, being a well-known diverse company will attract a greater range of people from different backgrounds for new jobs. In turn, this will also bring the most qualified people to the company. Supporting diversity also curtails discrimination which makes for a better work environment, and cuts down on corporate liabilities.

Implication in Organization
To achieve success and maintain a competitive advantage, Xerox was able to draw on the most important resource that is the skills of the workforce. With the increasing richness of diversity in the world and in the workforce, they expanded their outlook and used creative strategies to be successful. Employees can provide this resource. Here, Xerox uses a four-step approach strategic plan for establishing and implementing diversity such as Creating a strong foundation with values, philosophy, dedicated resources, and commitment, building a solid internal structure by initiatives to support and educate employees, building a solid external structure to infuse diversity into the community and measuring the progress and results with goal setting for all efforts. In my opinion, Xerox truly understands how critically valuable a diverse workforce and inclusive business practices are to the success of their operations, setting the standard for corporate sector. In addition to its pioneering efforts to nurture an inclusive work place environment, Xerox has long fostered a respect for work-life balance by forging new ways of making work 'work' for employees as well as employers. This diversity applied by Xerox can be example to the other organization to implement it. Organization should hire workers based on their qualification without discrimination. So the company will get the most...

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