Seven Warning Signs Of Bogus Science

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In the article “Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science” the author Robert L. Park discusses seven different warning signs that mayprove that a science being presented is bogus. The first sign is “The discoverpitches the claim directly to the media.”(Park) This is when a scientist does not give other scientist a chance to study the claim or perform research on the claim that is being presented and takes it straight to the media.
The second sign is “The discoverer says that a powerful establishment is trying to suppress his or her work.”(Park) This is when a scientist tries to say that they have come up with this great invention or discovery but can notpresent it because the government or ...view middle of the document...

The seventh and final sign is “The discoverer must propose new laws of nature to explain an observation.”(Park) This means that if you have to change laws of nature to prove your theory than it could not be right.
Robert L. Park wrote this article and came up with this seven signs to help judges in determining whether a expert testimony from a witness was legit but I believe that this article can help us all spot bogus science or help us be aware that all science is not legit.
In the article “Why Bogus Therapies Often Seem to Work” by Barry L Beyerstein, he listseveral reasons on why people think that certain therapies work. The first reason is “The disease may have run it natural course.”(Beyerstein) A lot of therapies may appear to be legit because the illness is not major and has run its natural course but because you have started to take a herb or started a therapy at the same time that the illness is ending it seems that the herb or therapy is the cause of you miraculsly recovery.
The second reason is “Many diseases are cyclical.”(Beyerstein) This means that some diseases or illness have cycles they are bad then good and a lot of people mistake the good times as a cure of the illness or disease if they are taking any new medication on therapy.
The third reason is “The placebo effect may be responsible.”(Beyerstein) The placebo effect means that some kind of emotional or cognitive effect has caused the person to feel better not the therapy or medicine.
The fourth reason is “People who hedge their bets credit the wrong thing.”(Beyerstein) This is when a person is having an alternative treatment and a science based treatment and become better. Most of the time credit is given to the alternative treatment when it could have been the scientific treatment that actually worked.
The fifth reason is “The orginal diagnosis or prognosis may have been incorrect.”(Beyerstein) Some people are diagnose with the wrong illness for example if you are diagnosed with some type of hearing problem but it really is just water in your ear you can go and take an alternative drug and think that is the cure to you hearing better, when in accutality it is because the water has drained of your ear.
The sixth reason is “Temporary mood improvement can be confused with cure.”(Beyerstein) This just means that a lot of alternative doctors or therapist have uplifting spirits and can cause you to fell better emotionally and this can be confused with a cure.
The seventh and final reason is “Psychological needs can distort what people perceive and do.”(Beyerstein) This means that if you...

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