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Several Aspects Of The Ball Mill Operation Which Should Be Noted

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( 1 ) when the closed-circuit grinding , there should be proper production practice shows cyclic loading , mill within a certain range of productivity increases with the increase of sand back ratio , return sand than in the larger conditions , classification efficiency of fluctuations affect the productivity of the mill small . When the return sand ratio is too small , then not reveal the superiority of closed-circuit grinding . Therefore, an appropriate increase the return sand ratio is good. Typically the amount of sand back rod mill smaller than the ball , it is because the media rod mill unit volume gap is small, less accommodating materials.

When slightly higher ( 2 ) the speed of ...view middle of the document...

It is advantageous to improve filling rate on the one hand . However, the most suitable mill speed with the ball about filling rate , filling rate is high , the speed centrifugal ball mill reduced accordingly, along with the consequent effect of grinding lower . While the effective volume of the mill filling rate also increases due to the ball decreases and the corresponding lower production capacity, which is disadvantageous aspect . Several factors are relative to the above contradiction . There is no theoretical calculations to find the most suitable mill filling rate formula of universal significance , are usually more appropriate to determine the filling rate according to the test . In the production practice , transfer rate and more with 76-88 % , 40-50 % use more filling rate . The density of the ore particle size of the ball is dependent on the composition of the ball , and the physical properties of the product fineness ore and other factors as required . According to general experience , nuggets larger, more hard ore , ball diameter should be larger more. However, feed size small , requiring finer grinding of minerals , the big ball filled with too much is not appropriate , you should install some small ball. Ball diameter should be how much is appropriate ? Although this problem many people have studied , the proposed formula will be more , and some are more complicated to calculate , but also affirmative conclusion has yet been made , no one in this introduction . Here are a relatively simple method of calculation for reference purposes . Some people think that ball diameter D and feed size has a...

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