Sex And Violence Essay

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Sex and Violence Paper
Michael Wright
June 29, 2015
Leigh Pethe

Sex and Violence Paper
People should mull over every dissimilar dynamic involved prior to setting their sight on the reasoning when they decide whether or not movies, television and video games have any effect on young people. It may possibly be an exhilarating or an extremely exasperating experience. It all depends on the way people try to tackle this concern. People ought to use all the data at their disposal and follow the instructions prior to looking for that ideal resolution. All through this essay, people can gain familiarity, information and examples on the way young people are affected by sex and ...view middle of the document...

Using proper techniques from an accredited professional while using parental controls will help in the household viewings. This may ensure a positive outcome, most definitely with individual cases. “There are a number of ways parents can limit their children’s exposure to violence. Restricting the amount and types of programs children watch is probably the most effective and common means of mediation. However, there are also strategies that are specifically appropriate for adolescents” (Josephson, 2011).
Therefore, eliminating movies, television and video games completely is not a solution, but since adolescents are at home when viewing them, perhaps creating parental controls will make it difficult to watch sex and violence. If parents take the time and research or even create a list of questions with possible issues that stem from adolescents viewing sex and violence constantly, they can use this as a guideline to support their fears and interests. Researching this information today, parents can receive a substantial amount of feedback from friends, family, professional agencies even from other adolescents. Parents tend to wish they could recognize and evaluate problems that have already come to light, which is only because they would like to be able and change the outcome. “American adolescents spend an average of 6 hours and 32 minutes each day using media (television, commercials, videos, movies, video games, print, radio, recorded music, computer, and the Internet). This is more time than they spend on any other activity, exception of sleeping” (American Academy of Pediatrics: Media Violence, 2011).
The process of obtaining acknowledgment is much more available today because of the Internet and use of social networks. Using every available source can help parents understand what they are up against; they are certainly not alone. When acquiring for information, one may submit numerous questions containing personal situations, which may possibly help other families in the process. Here are a few recommendations found while researching the internet. The first obstacle one should tackle is finding specific movies; television shows and/or video games parental guidelines are trustworthy. When beginning a search for a reliable professional, try finding through friends, family, co-workers or even neighbors who may have some insight in this matter. When continuing a search, chose a professional who suits one’s personal preferences. One should always research a professional and remember that he or she is representing the same interests. Once the perfect solution is found, it is time to check and verify all the statistic, sources such as professional and everything else that the solution entails. “Whether or not the overall influence of the mass media has been good or bad is a question which will, eventually, be better answered by philosophers, theologians, and historians. However from my point of view, while acknowledging the mass media has made...

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